The Photographer Couple

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a newly wed loving couple, decided to take a trip to Italy since they didn’t have a honeymoon after their wedding. They had been planning this trip for about two months now. They are both great photographers, which is how they met in the first place, taking pictures of each other.

Their flight had just landed and it was early in the morning in Italy, so they decided to get some good morning shots up on a mountain. After an hour long drive, they reached their destination. They climbed all the way up the mountain to get those “million dollar” shots. Once they got there, they decided that one would get the right side and the other would get the left. This was because they didn’t want to miss a great picture. They both promised not to do anything dangerous since they wouldn’t be by each other’s side. And so, they went their ways, both getting exactly what they want. The Mrs. Smith then saw a bird flying overhead, so she followed the bird as it was flying. With each click of her camera, she took a step. These were great shots she was getting. And then, without realizing where she was stepping, her foot came to the edge of the mountain. She couldn’t get her body weight to shift herself. She started to fall off the edge right before her eyes. She tried grabbing the edge, but her hands slipped. She thought she was falling endlessly, but to save her life, (hopefully), there was a small enough ledge area of the mountain the hold her body. She could barely open her eyes because of how hard she hit her head. She tried calling for help, but only whispers came out.

After a few minutes of being unconscious, she woke up again. Now her head was pounding and her body aching. She could hear her husband calling her name. He had no idea where she was at. So many things were going through Mrs. Smith’s head at that moment. Everytime she tried to say something, her head would hurt even more, causing her to wince. All she could think was, am I going to live?


Best Survival Tips You’ll Ever Need to Know Part: 1

Survival tips. They are going to be some of the most useful things for you to know, no matter who you are. Now, to start off with, lets say the world was having an apocalypse happening, and you’re stranded in the middle of a forest you know nothing about. What you need to do first is to check all of your pockets to see if you have any usefull tools or objects. Even if it’s a crumpled up chewing gum wrapper, great. That’s always something you’ll want to have for survival. First, you need to uncrumple it and make sure it’s very flat. Then lick the inside where the gum would have been and the place it horizontally on your forehead. It absolutely has to horizontal, because if it’s not, it won’t work. What this will do is keep you hydrated. It’s one of the survival musts. Hydration and gum wrappers will be your best friend.


Now onto the next one, belts. Belts are very recomended. Having a belt will help you run faster in any situation. If there’s a bear, deer, or even a mob of people you stole food from, a belt will help. It really doesn’t matter what kind you have. As long as you have it strapped around your pants, you are set.


The next one will be one your top, must need survival tips. This one is almost like the icing on the cake. Bandanas. These suckers can make miracles happen. Lets just say that mob of angry people you stole food from caught up to you and took back all of their food. Now you are foodless and don’t have your dignity, because it was a little girl that tackled you and that’s how the mob caught to you. The bandana will help you regain back both! First, you have to fold the bandana and wrap it around your head on the same spot where you placed your gum wrapper. Doing that will actually help increase your water flows in you and make you more hydrated.  And it’s done! Doing this will make food appear right before your eyes. Whatever you’re thinking of, chicken, cake, fish, even McDonald’s. It’ll be right there, waiting to go into your stomach.


Now that you know these great survival tips, you are ready to go out into the wilderness and make something out of yourself.


P.S. I hope this made you laugh a little and made your day slightly better!


  • Chloe Akemi

Another Day at the Bank

It was the regular everyday job. I went to the main branch of the bank I worked at. Everyday was the same. Most people coming in doing what they came for. Others complaining at the service. And then some coming in being completely out of the ordinary, trying to get pitty. But today, I wasn’t expecting what would come next.


It was mid morning, not too busy, but still a good amount of people who come to a bank at the time of the day. I was helping a very kind woman, who looked about the same age as me, mid twenties. “Thank you so much helping me,” she said.


“Oh, no problem. You’ve been great,” I said. Then all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a gunshot. Some people screamed. I tried to see what was going on, but there were too many people crowding my area.


“Everyone get on the ground!” someone yelled. Oh great, just what I needed, a bank robbery. Everyone got to the ground fast after hearing him yell. He sounded very serious. And as usual, he was wearing all black and a black ski mask. As I crouched down behind the only wall structure between me and the robber, I hoped and prayed nothing bad would happen to anyone. “Get up!” the same man said. His voice was very close to me. “Get up, god damnit!” It was me he was talking to… I slowly got up as I started to sweat from the nervousness. There were two of them, both dressed in the all black. I think at that moment, my eyes could have pooped out. “Put all of the money in the bag!” he yelled. As anyone would be, I was so nervous to make a move. They were holding guns, so who wouldn’t? “Do it right now, or I’ll blow your brains out!” I wasn’t going to be a hero and not do it. And so I opened my drawer and started to stuff all of the bills into their pillow case. I did it as slowly as possible, without them thinking I was trying to make time. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little infrared camera moving back and forth. At that time, I could hear the police sirens. Someone must have pressed the emergency button. “What? God Damnit! Who called the police?” the man said.


The other man took his gun out, pointed it up in the air and shot it. Of course there were more screams and yells. “If someone doesn’t tell us, I swear, I’ll shoot every single one of you.”


And then we hear over the loudspeaker system, “Put the gun down.” Everyone, including the two robbers looked all around to see if we could someone. Someone must of hacked into it from outside. “This is Aaron McLoundly. Please put your guns down and walk out of the bank slowly.”


The one who shot his gun went towards the window and said, “Shit, they’ve got the whole county here.”


“What are we supposed to do now David?!”


“Hey! What did I say about using names?” David said.


“For Christ’s sake, who gives a shit about names? You said that this was going to be an easy one. In and out. You didn’t say anything about cops.”


David yelled out of frustration. He paced fastly back and forth, looking around. The whole time, I was looking at him. We made eye contact and he suddenly stopped. His eyes were piercing into my soul. I’ve never really prayed much, but at that moment, I was praying so much, that I would never have to ever again. “I’ve got an idea,” he said devilish.” He came towards me and said, “Get over here. Now!” I did as he said.


“Whoa, what are you doing?” the other robber said.”


“Mind your own business,” David said.”


The other man grabbed a hold of my arm. “David, we are not going to do this to her.”


“Who says so?”


“I do. This isn’t what we came for. We are not going to put on some kind of show for everyone.”


David took out his gun and pointed it at the other man. You know Brad, I had hopes for you. I really did.”


“Look, put that down,” Brad said nervously. “I’m sure there’s another way we can work this out.” Brad started to get closer to David. I was still in between them. They both started to try and pull at me and then I heard another gun fire. The two men stopped fighting over me. After a few seconds of them calming down, I realized that bullet that was fired, was in me. I had been shot in my gut area. I put my hand to the wound and looked down. I was bleeding tremendously. That was when I started to feel the pain.


“David! How could you do this?” Brad exclaimed.


“I-I-I didn’t realized I pulled the trigger.” I couldn’t stand from the pain anymore, my body automatically fell down. Brad laid me on my back.
“You’re going to be alright, miss,” He said. Then everything went silent. I could barely see everything clearly. It felt like I had taken some sort of drowsy medicine. Each time I blinked, everything became more white. I took one  glimpse of everything and closed my eyes for the last time.        

The Boy and The Girl

There once was a little boy and girl. Their parents were very good friends, which meant that they had a lot of play dates. No matter what the game was, they played it together. If the boy wanted to play cops and robbers, the girl would play. If the girl wanted to play dress up, the boy would play. But to decide what game to play, they would flip a coin. It seemed like the most fair way to decide.  It was crazy to see their connection at such a young age. You would think that as they would get older, they would drift away. In most cases that’s what happens to most childhood friends. Even in middle school when the other kids would tease them, they didn’t care what they thought.

While in the beginning stages of puberty, they had started to learn more about each other’s bodies in their health class. And which this created more than friend feelings for both of them. Everyone in their class knew that they had feelings for each other, but neither the boy or girl wanted to admit this. They were in fear that if they did mention anything about it, it would ruin their friendship. They couldn’t live without each other.

There was going to be the annual 6th grade dance that everyone went to. The boys usually asked whatever girl they wanted to go with them. And of course the boy and girl went together. It was kind of just assumed. At the dance they danced together the most and they both loved it. The next day the boy said, “Heads, we date. Tails, we don’t.” And of course it was heads.

They dated for what seemed like forever. The rest of middle school, to high school, and even throughout college. One day when they went to the usual bridge they always walked across, the boy had stopped and got down on one knee. He said, “Heads, we get married. Tails, we break up. How’s that?” He flipped the coin and they both looked the shiny silver head.


Hi Everyone! This is my first ever blog post. I have just started on here and hope for the best. On here I would like to share about my writing life. That meaning, all the random stories that pop up into my head and I just can’t get them out. I have recently published my first book, called The Lost Princess. So, I am a little bit of an experienced writer. I hope to share all of my journey on future writing works on here as well. And to meet new people just like me!