The Boy and The Girl

There once was a little boy and girl. Their parents were very good friends, which meant that they had a lot of play dates. No matter what the game was, they played it together. If the boy wanted to play cops and robbers, the girl would play. If the girl wanted to play dress up, the boy would play. But to decide what game to play, they would flip a coin. It seemed like the most fair way to decide.  It was crazy to see their connection at such a young age. You would think that as they would get older, they would drift away. In most cases that’s what happens to most childhood friends. Even in middle school when the other kids would tease them, they didn’t care what they thought.

While in the beginning stages of puberty, they had started to learn more about each other’s bodies in their health class. And which this created more than friend feelings for both of them. Everyone in their class knew that they had feelings for each other, but neither the boy or girl wanted to admit this. They were in fear that if they did mention anything about it, it would ruin their friendship. They couldn’t live without each other.

There was going to be the annual 6th grade dance that everyone went to. The boys usually asked whatever girl they wanted to go with them. And of course the boy and girl went together. It was kind of just assumed. At the dance they danced together the most and they both loved it. The next day the boy said, “Heads, we date. Tails, we don’t.” And of course it was heads.

They dated for what seemed like forever. The rest of middle school, to high school, and even throughout college. One day when they went to the usual bridge they always walked across, the boy had stopped and got down on one knee. He said, “Heads, we get married. Tails, we break up. How’s that?” He flipped the coin and they both looked the shiny silver head.


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