The Photographer Couple

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a newly wed loving couple, decided to take a trip to Italy since they didn’t have a honeymoon after their wedding. They had been planning this trip for about two months now. They are both great photographers, which is how they met in the first place, taking pictures of each other.

Their flight had just landed and it was early in the morning in Italy, so they decided to get some good morning shots up on a mountain. After an hour long drive, they reached their destination. They climbed all the way up the mountain to get those “million dollar” shots. Once they got there, they decided that one would get the right side and the other would get the left. This was because they didn’t want to miss a great picture. They both promised not to do anything dangerous since they wouldn’t be by each other’s side. And so, they went their ways, both getting exactly what they want. The Mrs. Smith then saw a bird flying overhead, so she followed the bird as it was flying. With each click of her camera, she took a step. These were great shots she was getting. And then, without realizing where she was stepping, her foot came to the edge of the mountain. She couldn’t get her body weight to shift herself. She started to fall off the edge right before her eyes. She tried grabbing the edge, but her hands slipped. She thought she was falling endlessly, but to save her life, (hopefully), there was a small enough ledge area of the mountain the hold her body. She could barely open her eyes because of how hard she hit her head. She tried calling for help, but only whispers came out.

After a few minutes of being unconscious, she woke up again. Now her head was pounding and her body aching. She could hear her husband calling her name. He had no idea where she was at. So many things were going through Mrs. Smith’s head at that moment. Everytime she tried to say something, her head would hurt even more, causing her to wince. All she could think was, am I going to live?


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