Love in Letters

Anna and James loved each other so much. Their love was undeniable. James was in the Marine Corps. He was put in a non deployable unit. And Anna was a journalist. They both really like their jobs, until one day. There was a terrible war going on in Russia. The U.S. needed all of the troops they could get, even the non deployable units. James had to leave his dear wife, Anna. Anna was absolutely devastated. She never thought this would happen in a million years. She had to let him go even though she didn’t really want to. It was probably one of the hardest things for her.


It had been five months since James had left. He always wrote Anna. She expected a letter every Tuesday from him. They both loved each other very much that they agreed to send each other a letter every week.


For being September, it was much colder than usual on that Monday. Little did Anna know that the mail truck was going down the coast carrying a single letter for her. Anna was about to go to the grocery store when the mailman had come. She thought it was strange because he’d only come on Tuesdays. He handed her a single letter. She saw it wasn’t from James, but someone who was of higher level than him in the Marines. Anna couldn’t even breathe after reading the first sentence. “I am sorry to be writing you this letter. On September 6th, 2032, your husband, James David Smith, had died in battle.” She dropped to her knees thinking she would never be able to stand again for all of the grief that was going to be coming her way, burying her deep into the ground where her husband laid.


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