Aliens, UFOs, And Space Shuttles oh my!

My Uncle Chester, was always big on alien and UFO stuff. My dad told me that him and my uncle would go on small hunts to try to find them since they were eight years old. They did it until my dad moved away. They grew up in Topeka, Kansas. They lived way out in the country, basically in the middle of nowhere. It’s been 10 years since we saw Chester. My Dad decided that we should take a mini summer trip to visit him. It was just my Dad and I. My Mom past away when I was six. She died from a car accident. Now that I think about it, it was actually right after the trip we took to see my Uncle. Weird… Oh well, I guess it’s just a coincidence.


“Maddy, are you ready to go?” my Dad yelled.


“Coming!” I closed my journal and put it in my bag quickly. I strapped my backpack on and walked downstairs.


“You got everything?”


“Yep,” I said and smiled. “Do you have everything?” I asked mockingly.


Do you have everything?” he teased back while making silly faces. “Come on, we can beat the traffic if we leave now.” And so, we headed off to Kansas. My Grandpa died a few years back and left the place to my Uncle. Thus, our drive was only going to be a couple of hours. He used to live five hours away. But that drive was a lot better because there was much more scenery. This drive was mostly all corn fields. And it was all on a two way road. I know, how more creepy can it get? But it was only two hours. My dad and I usually would do some good karaoke jamming sessions. This time, it was all 80’s music. Not too bad. They’re like the only songs good enough to to do karaoke nowadays. After an endless amount of looking at corn, we finally arrived. It still looked the same. Spacious, dusty, and old. It was only Chester, and he didn’t do much decorating. The most there were for decor, were some dandelions scattered across the lawn. We slowly made our way to the driveway, which was just sandy dirt. My Dad parked the car and we just looked out the windshield. “Well, I guess some things never change.” We saw the front door opening and low and behold, Uncle Chester. He still wore the lovely jean overalls and flannel shirt. Only some people can pull off certain styles, and he was one of them. We got out of the car and walked up onto the porch.


“Little brother! Nice to see you,” Chester said cheerfully while giving my Dad a bear hug. “Oh, Maddy, I haven’t seen you in forever.”  Another bear hug. That’s one of the things I liked about him. He always gave hugs.


“Nice to see you too, Uncle Chester.”


“Hey, I’ve got a little surprise for you. Come on in.” We followed, wondering what this surprise could be. I was hoping it wasn’t anything super weird. He could be a little “out there” sometimes, as my Dad would say. We walked into the small living. “Okay, sit here. I’ll be right back.” The room was like any old country house that hadn’t been decorated in years. Everything was so old, even the hard couch we sat on. My Dad and I both scanned the room, waiting to see if there were any weird souvenirs Chester would buy. And there was. It was a clear mason jar sitting on a shelf. The jar was holding a dark green substance.


“Hey, Ches, was this good jam?” My Dad asked.


“What?” Chester asked very confused and  muffled.


“The jam you have in this jar. It must have been good if it’s on your shelf.” He finally came out of the room he was in, holding a brown paper package.  


“What are you talking about?”


“This,” my Dad said talking the jar off the shelf examining it closely. Chester dropped the package and quickly walked over to my Dad.


“Don’t play around with that!” He said grabbing the jar fast.


“Whoa, I was just joking around Ches.” Chester looked almost hurt by the words. “Look, I’m sorry.”


“No, no, it’s my fault. I-I just don’t want anything to happen to this.” He said admiring the jar with the mysterious jam.


“What exactly is that?” I asked curiously.


“I found it in the field after someone came here a few weeks ago.”


“Who came here?” Dad asked.


“It was… them.” he said coldly. My Dad looked at Chester very confused for a moment.


“You still don’t really believe in that stuff, do you?”


“Of course I do.”


“Chester… That was when we were kids. It isn’t real. You know, that was probably some kids trying to get you riled up.”


“No, I’ve seen them. I have.”




“No, don’t! I know what I saw was real. Don’t talk to me like I’m Maddy’s age. You weren’t there. You wouldn’t understand.”


“Look, whatever happened, it happened. I’m sorry to bring this up. Let’s just forget about this and have a good time. Yeah?”


“Yeah.” I was still sitting on the hard couch, awkwardly listening to them. Chester bent down and grabbed the package he dropped earlier. He turned towards me and smiled. “This was from your Dad and my childhood. I thought you might like to have.” I smiled and started to carefully open the package. At first I thought it was just a really big book, but once I opened it, it was a journal. It was the alien adventures my Dad and Uncle had when they were my age.


“Wow, thanks so much Uncle Chester!” I stood up and hugged him. I looked at my Dad and he had a look like most concern fathers would.


“Why don’t I start to get dinner ready. I have a chicken that’s ready to be cooked.” Chester said.


“That sounds good to me.” Dad said. So Dad and Chester went to the kitchen to cook and I sat back down to look through the journal. There were so many things that they documented. It seemed like was legitimate stuff they found, but it’s aliens. Who actually believes in aliens? I spent the next half hour looking through it and waiting for dinner and then, the house shook a little. I could see Chester and my Dad looking at each other with very serious faces.




“Yeah, sweetie?”


“What was that?”


“I don’t know. Chester, has this happened before?” he asked.


“Yes.” Chester said very stern and cold. “It’s them.”


“God damnit, Chester! I can’t deal with this stuff anymore. This is in the past, it’s not rea-.” All of the sudden the house shook again. This time it was worse. “Maddy, get over now!” I got up quickly and went over to him. “Chester, what the hell is going on?” Chester went to the window by the front door. “Chester! What is happening? Answer me!” It felt like the house wasn’t going to stop shaking. It seemed like the longer it shook, it got even worse. My Dad wrapped his arms around me to make sure I would hit my head anywhere.


“It’s them, Danny!” You might not have believed me before, but it’s really them.” Chester shouted. The house all of a sudden stopped shaking. My Dad and I looked at each other and then at Chester. He was still looking out the window.


“Chester, talk to me.” Chester finally turned around, still with the stern, cold face.


“There have been things like this happening ever sin-.” He stopped talking and then looked at me before what he was going to say. His eyes turned compassionate. “Since what happened 10 years ago.”


“Can we talk about this somewhere else, please?” Chester walked out the door and waited out on the front porch. “Ah, just stay and sit here. You can have some bread in the meantime.”


“Dad, what was that?”


“I-I don’t know. We’ll talk about this later, okay?” I shook my head and he walked outside to join Chester. I sat down and waited for them to get done.




I didn’t realize I fell asleep waiting for them. I woke up and no one was in the kitchen or the livingroom. I called out for them and no one answered, then I went outside to look.


“Dad? Chester?” I couldn’t find them anywhere. I looked around some more. There wasn’t anything else around here except a big wooden shed. I could hear some yelling and shouts. I stopped and was unsure if I should go in there. I slowly started to walk over there. The closer I got, the louder the shouts were. And then I heard a loud screeching noise. I stopped and my eyes widened so much. It sounded like some kind of animal getting hurt. My heart was pounding unbelievably. I started walking again and stopped at the front door. The wooden shed had spaces between each wood plank. I decided to look through one of them. What I saw next, wasn’t what I was expecting to see. I saw my Dad and Chester standing and looking at something. I couldn’t see what is it because they were standing in front of it. My Dad moved to grab something on the other side of the shed. Then, I saw it. It had dark, dark, green slimey looking skin with long antennae coming out of it’s head. “What the hell?” I quietly whispered. Right after I said that, the creature shot his head straight up and stared straight into my eyes. At that moment, our eyes made a connection. We started to communicate telepathy.  


“Maddy, come with us. You can be here with your mother.”


“How do you know who my mother is?” I asked very curious.


“She came with us after she died in that car accident. Trust me, this is such a better place for you. Everything else is much better for you.” Then, the door to the shed opened. It was my Dad. He looked at me very serious.


“You shouldn’t have come here Maddy. I told you to stay inside.” he said harshly. Then, out of nowhere, he hit me on the head with the book he was holding.         



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