30 Days of Happiness: Day 3

Everyone has a special talent. Although most think they don’t. It’s so surprising when you ask someone what their talent is and they say that they don’t have one. That’s what they’ll always say until they really discover what it actually is.


For myself, no one really told not to discover those things. So growing up, I did just that. I learned that the arts were right up my ally. All the way from drawing, singing, acting, to dancing. I may not be good at some of those, but that’s the fun part about it. Just doing things that you like and eventually finding what your talent is. For example, sports never really appealed to me and that’s probably best for everyone. Growing up, sports, gym, basically anything athletic, don’t let me go near it. If you do, you’ll wish you never watched me do so.


I hope you’re getting the jist. Discovering your talent can lead you to many things that do bring happiness to you and others. Like right now. I discovered blogging as something I like because I can share my stories to others.
I hope you are having a day as great as you!


P.S. I am switching the posts around starting tomorrow. It seemed a little bit nicer to me to post the 30 Days of Happiness ones first and the fictional stories second.



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