30 Days of Happiness: Day 4

There are so many people on this planet. It would be hard to believe when someone says that they have no one. But to some people, they actually believe that. I have too. That feeling especially comes when we’re feeling most lonely. I have felt that feeling many times, but you have to really think about the situation. Are you really alone? Is there really no one out here in this big world willing to be there for you? That’s where most would say yes. And then that’s where you have to really think about it.


People get these feelings all the time, but there’s always someone there. If it has to come to it, talk to a complete stranger. You never know what and where your most valuable advice is at.


What I’m trying to say is that you are not alone. No one is never alone. You think it at some crucial moments in your life, but have to make that step into finding that someone who will listen and comfort you. It’s hard, but it can happen.


Remember, always choose happiness.


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