Bug Love

There once was a small ladybug named George. He was very nice and sweet. George had a partner ladybug. Her name was Jane. These two ladybugs were true soulmates. From the very first day they met each other until this very day.


It was a very nice sunny day out. George and Jane thought they’d fly to their usual spot. It was in Green Grass Grove. That’s most bug couple went to enjoy their day. Today was even more special than usual. It was George and Jane’s anniversary. It was their 10th day of being together. Let me remind you that most bug couples don’t make it past their 5th.


Since it was such a special occasion, George reserved them a spot on the dandelions. That was where the rich couples got to sit. He may have had to give all of his flower tokens away, but it was worth it for a ladybug like Jane. He thought everything of her. She was his sunshine.


Once they had gotten there, the butterfly sat them at the best spot on the dandelion. JAne was so overwhelmed and so thankful for having someone as special as George. She loved him unconditionally.


For the rest of the night, from the sunset to the bright, shimmering stars, George and Jane sat there with wing around wing. All they could see was the beauty of what their love has brought to life.



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