30 Days of Happiness: Day 5

“Sharing is caring.” I know that’s probably one of the most cheesiest sayings, but it’s unbelievably true. Have you ever been with someone else, it doesn’t matter who and they have food. A little bit inside of you is so hoping that they’ll share with you. Let’s say they didn’t somehow you are going to feel a little hurt. Maybe you weren’t even hungry when this happened. It’s just the satisfaction of someone showing they care by sharing with you.


Okay, I’m not say that that’s the only time when it’s good to do that. But there are many other times when it’s best to share. Now let’s say you’re sitting on a bench at the park and someone comes and sits next to you. You look at them as they sit and smile, but you notice something else other than their presence. You notice that this person looks like they haven’t eaten in awhile. You notice their cheek bones sticking out more than they should. You can clearly see that they’ve been having long nights by their under eye bags. The last thing you notice is that they’re here with their child. You can tell this person clearly loves their child so much that they would skip meals for them so they are the ones getting all the nutrients they can. A parents that would work as many hours as they could so they can save up for something nice for their child to have. You look back at that person and ask them if they would like to share the bag of chips you’re holding, together. They’ll sweetly decline, but offer again and a “yes” will appear.


This doesn’t always just apply to sharing food. Something else that makes people happy is when you share your talent. As I said the day before, you have talent, and maybe sharing that talent with the world will someone else happy.    


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