Year: 3016

Year: 3016

Planet: Earth

Name: Raelyn

Location: Los Angeles, California


Can you believe that our great great great grandparents thought by now we would be living under water? Huh, crazy people. We have accomplished many things though. Cars fly, animals can tell us their thoughts through electronic devices, we can travel to another place around the world in less than 30 minutes. Remember when they would say that if your pizza wasn’t delivered in 30 minutes or less? Well that applies to those trips as well. We are also bron, so that when we turn 18, we stop aging, We stop until we meet our sole mate. I’ve been 10 for 20 years now. The reason being is because the world started to see increase of people dying and them not having a loved one. The marriage rates went down very quickly because there were so many promotions to go and live your life. Many people started forgetting about love and more about excitement. So the best doctors in the world were put together to figure out a way to make us stop aging until we found our true loves.


As for myself, it seemed like I would never find my true love. But I do still have hope. And that hope finally kicked in one day.


Today I was doing my regular errands; getting shopping orders for others and selling newspapers. I’m what you’d call poor. And most of the world is more on the wealthy side. But mis understand me. I’m not the dingy and dirty kind of poor. I still make myself look reasonable, I just don’t have all the fancy attire. I make about $50 a day. It isn’t much, but I have been saving up and I have about $2, 600. One day I want to open up a facility that lets the poor come in and stay there. A place to give them a roof over their head, clothes on their backs, and food in their stomach. I grew up without parents when I was four, so I know the troubles.


I went on my usual day, until I someone interesting crossed my path. I was at my post selling newspapers.


“Newspapers! Come get your newspapers!” I said as cheerfully as I could.There were the usuals who came and got theirs and then there were the ones who mocked me. I could hear the girlish snickers already.


“You know, you’ll never be able to sell newspapers dressed like that.” That was Angelica. She was one of the most prettiest girls in Los Angeles. Everyone adored her. She was as old as I was. You would think she’d be married by now, but she isn’t. I think it’s because of how rude and self centered she is.


“Hmm, I wonder who that could be?” I asked sarcastically.


“I think she gets stupider by the day, Angelica,” said one of Angelica’s friends.


“Indeed she does.”


“Why don’t you guys go find someone else to bother. Unlike you guys, who have nothing to worry about, I have to actually do something.”


“Looks like it’s someone’s time of the month,” Angelica said scornfully. They laughed and then went on about their day. Sometimes, I wished I were them. Not for their personalities or looks, just so they wouldn’t bother me. I went back to selling the newspapers. A little boy, who seemed like he was always doing bad things started to try and push over the stacks of newspapers.


“Hey, don’t do that,” I snapped at him.


“Why not? You’re not selling them anyways.” He said and started to push them even more.


“I said stop.” Right after I went for his wrists, but it was too late. He’d knocked the stack of 30 newspapers onto the ground. I had rained earlier, so the ground was wet and muddy.


“Haha!” the little boy teased and ran away. I sighed as I watched him run away, knowing the newspapers weren’t going to be good anymore, because of the wet ground. I kneeled down to pick all of them up when I saw another pair of hands doing the same. I looked up and saw the most beautiful pair of emerald green eyes


“Hi,” he said.

**** To be continued.      


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