Unicorn Boy

He was such a magnificent creature. Half unicorn, half boy. Unicorn Boy. He was the coolest in Sanditville and he made sure everyone knew that. If anyone ever tried to touch him or do anything crazy to him, he’d take care of them and they would never mess with him again. One time the government tried taking him from his own home. That did not work out in the end. Unicorn Boy kicked them all in the shin and said some nasty stuff to them. After that, he was left alone. Ever since that, everyone knew to not mess with him.


Today he was going to be at Yogo Park. That’s where people could take pictures with him and get his autograph, which could be either his hoof or hand. Most went for the hoof. That surprises a lot of people who don’t live in Sanditville. Most would want an actual hand signature, but his hooves are like no other. It’s the way they shine and glisten in the light. They even change from one glittery color to the next. If you look at them closely, you can actually see them change colors.


This was a once a year thing. No one was going to miss out on it. Everyone was going to be there. The governor, the dentist, doctor, even the manly motorcycle club, and they don’t mess around. To be honest, that group of men were probably Unicorn Boy’s great fans, but not today they weren’t. I was going to make sure that Unicorn Boy was going to notice me. I didn’t know how, but he was.


It was now 2:00 PM, the time was here. Everyone was so quiet, waiting in anticipation. And then, out of nowhere, majestic music started playing. Everyone looked up to the stage where he was meant to come out on and he did. The middle section of the dark stage started to rise up. He was there. He had his back turned towards the crowd. Oh my gosh, Unicorn Boy! Once the pedestal stopped moving upwards, Unicorn Boy turned around so quickly and confetti spit out of the stage floor, along with more music, and fog.


“Hello my wonderful citizens of Sanditville! I hope you’re doing Uni-tastic!” Unicorn Boy said so cheerfully. Even his corny jokes were amazing. The crowd responded in yells and whoops. To make it even better, he galloped off the stage and flew up into the sky. He flew around the entire park. After his little show, he landed back onto the stage and the breeze made his luscious multi pastel colored hair even more handsome. And to top it all off, he never wore a shirt.


Right when the red ropes were going to be unlocked so everyone to meet him, a group of cars sped up into the park and in front of the crowd, which made dust go into everyone’s face. A man had gotten out of the first car. Ryan McHarold. He was the only one envious of Unicorn Boy in Sanditville.


“What are you doing here?” Unicorn Boy sneered at Ryan.


“Hello to you too,” Ryan said very devilishly. “What I want is for you to get out of this town. I am the one who has all the fancy things, the one who could buy a house for each and every single person here. So why don’t you go on to back where you came from, pony boy.”


“What did you just call me?”


“You heard me, pony boy.” Right after that, Unicorn Boy flew off the stage and swept up Ryan. He flew him all the way up to where no one could see them again. Until we all heard a man’s scream. It sounded really girly, actually. It was Ryan. He was falling and falling, right into the disgusting brown, green pond that was known for cows pooping in and cats throwing up in. He landed face first. What a terrible way to land. He soon swam up to the surface. His group ran over to him and helped him out. Unicorn Boy swooped back down onto the stage.


“Have you had enough, or do you want more?” Unicorn Boy asked bravely.


“I’ll get you!” Ryan shouted. It almost sounded like he was whining and by the looks of his face too. He got back into his car with his friends and drove away.


… And that was the fateful day we learnt an important lesson: You don’t mess with Unicorn Boy.     


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