30 Days of Happiness: Day 9

Social media is a great gateway to so many pathways in life. Many people have reconnected, have gotten jobs, entertainment for everyone, and much more. It’s something that everyone likes and loves.


For myself, I have connected with friends and family, I have found new kinds of entertainment, and something very fun, I have started my very own blog. Social media can go along way and there’s so many different things for different kinds of people. For example, there are many users on Instagram. There, people can post photos and videos of their everyday life and that can lead to a fan base. For some odd reason, people find other people’s life very interesting. I am one of those people too. I don’t know why we do, but in some way, it kind of makes you a little happier on the inside. For myself, I like to see what people are doing with their lives and I really like to see what people accomplish. I like when others accomplish something that they’ve been wanting for so long. I guess I just like to see people happy in what they’re doing.


Do not use social media to bully though. Some people may think they they’re giving good advice, but if it’s something that might offend another, just don’t say it. Keep it to yourself. But it is good to encourage others as well.


Anyways, I hope you find social media as fun as I do, and explore what’s out there waiting for you. You never know.


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