Skeletal Warriors

As I walked, every step was filled with soft crunch noises. I tried my best not to make loud sounds, but it was impossible with it being fall and the leaves falling on the ground everywhere. It also didn’t help that the cold night made our armor and chains sound clanky either. A witch came to our kingdom and set a curse that every year when fall starts that unfortunate things would happen. We were making our usual rounds, around midnight. Every year there was always something that came out.


“John, do you see anything?” Adam whispered loudly.


“No,” I said. Then, out of nowhere, hoards of skeletal warriors surged forward from the forest.


“What the?” Adam yelled.


“They’re surrounding us!”


“I knew we shouldn’t have split up,” Adam said. The old and dirty looking skeletons were slowly making their circle smaller and smaller. Adam and I both pulled out our swords and shielded ourselves with our backs touching. “So, what do we do now?” Adam asked jokingly.


“Well, we could just let them come and see what happens. What bad could possibly happen?”


“Oh yeah… That sounds like a great idea.”


“You got my back?”


“Of course,” Adam said smiling. And with that we both plunged forward and started to attack the dirt covered skeletons. I lifted my sword up gratefully and swung down forcefully, collapsing the first skeleton. I looked around us and there were so many of them, how were we going to get out of this one? I continued to kill as many as I could. My arm began to get tired, so I had to have both of my hands holding onto the handle of my sword. Each swing began to become a pattern. The first would come straight down on their head, the next would go sideways, chopping their bodies in half. “Still alive?”


“I hope! You?” I asked breathlessly.


“Oh, I could go all night!” Adam loved this kind of stuff. He probably could go all night if he wanted to. As I continued to kill off each skeleton, I noticed that one of them had on some sort of gold necklace. I squinted at it and the brightness kept drawing me towards it more and more. I made the decision to just push my way through the big group of skeletons and then struck the one with the gold chain. Not a moment after, every single one of the mangy skeletons dropped to the ground. It almost seemed like they were puppets.


“Whoa… “ I said softly. I could hear Adam coming up behind me.


“How in the world did you do that?” he asked.


“I-I don’t know. I saw one of them had this gold necklace on,” I said reaching down and grabbing the bright and shiney gold chain, “ and I thought it was a sign.” It was small and very plain, other than it being gold.
“Well, let’s get back to the palace before anything else happens.” And with that, we got back on our horses with the rest of the night being normal.    


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