30 Days of Happiness: Day 11

“She lost herself in the trees among the ever-changing leaves. She wept beneath the wild sky as stars told stories of ancient times. The flowers grew towards her, the river called her name at night. She could not live an ordinary life with the mysteries of the universe hidden in her eyes.”


– Christy Ann Martine


Nature has so much beauty within everything. I would like you to take a walk outside and just look all around you. But don’t look quickly and skim it all. Take a closer look and focus on whatever the object it is. It has beauty or potential beauty. And something about that makes you feel somewhat better on the inside, well for me atleast and many others. Nature has so much to offer us, whether it’s food, beauty, or whatever nature does to inspire you. Don’t take nature for granted, it’s one of the things that will always be there and can make you happy.  And don’t try to take that away from anyone, please. I know some people think that a lot of natury things are dumb and pointless, but to others, it’s their sunshine.


Once again, as I always say, just find your happiness and if it’s nature, love it with tender care.  


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