30 Days of Happiness: Day 15

A kiss on the cheek. Blowing bubbles. Playing catch with your dog. Receiving a thank you. Having someone open the door for you. All of these are great perks of the small things in life. The ones that you have really cherish.


I know I have been talking about cherishing a lot things lately, but it’s so true. Cherishing will be one of your best traits you’ll ever have. When you have that specific trait, you feel a lot better inside. Your outlook on life will change tremendously. You’ll discover the true beauty in everything and everyone.


Back to what I was saying, the small things. They’re around you everyday and everywhere. You probably won’t see them at first, but take a closer look. That small pot of very few flowers you pass everyday when you go to work. Most look dead, but there is one that still blooms. To you that flower pot looks like it needs to go in the trash, it’s small anyways. But look around that flower pot, there’s a little girl admiring that single growing flower. She takes care of it everyday, even though most of them die, she still looks out for them. A small thing like flowers have had an impact in a lot of people’s lives. For all you know, that single flower could be that little girl’s special place to go to when her parents are constantly arguing.


Just remember to look around yourself sometimes and think about all of the small things that you receive and the ones you’ll give to others. Just a simple hello will do.   


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