30 Days of Happiness: Day 17

It kills me when things are SO messy! I mean, I don’t want to or mean to be rude, but when I see a mess, I just want to tidy things up. People do think it’s rude, but seriously, us who want to organize a mess, it’s because it’s killing us on the inside. Seriously, never take it in a bad way.


Organization has become a new hobby I guess you could say. I know that sounds like I’m a total loser, but it’s something that everyone should get into. Honestly, it has made me feel a lot less anxious and stressful. And I feel like a lot of that is the same with everyone in some kind of way. It also helps very much with not having a messy room. Messy rooms are the worst. I feel like your bedroom should be almost like a sanctuary. You shouldn’t have papers and clothes scattered everywhere, unless that makes you feel comfortable. I’m not saying that this will make you better, but having a clean room and organizing everything could make you feel like you have some sort of weight off your shoulders. But as always, choose what will make you the happiest.


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