Frost on the Carpet

I was the only one in the house tonight. My parents were going on a business trip. So you know what that means, loud music and pizza! My parents worked at a very nice company, which means that they get paid a lot. Our house was pretty big. I was only allowed to stay downstairs. Upstairs was off limits. You’d think for a 16 year old, that rule would have changed, but oh well.


It was Christmas break and there still wasn’t any snow. That didn’t bother me though. I hated the snow. It was nice to look at from the outside, but once stepping out there, yuck. Usually in Michigan it did snow by now, but the weather had been wacky this past year. I walked to the front door, opened it, and looked outside. No snow. We lived out in the middle of nowhere, so there wasn’t a sign of anything. I closed the door and locked it. It was almost 5 o’clock. I decided it was time to throw that pizza in the oven and putting that music on. It was a cheese pizza and show tunes kind of night. While I was waiting for the pizza to finish, I could hear the wind blow really hard. I walked back to the front door and opened to see all of the dust from the ground up in the air. That was so strange. I knew tornadoes didn’t come to Michigan, but from the wind, it sure felt like there was going to be one. I closed the door again and as soon as I did, I heard my phone ring. “Hello?”


“Oh, sweetie. Are you alright?” Mom asked.


“Yeah, why?” I asked. Why was she wondering if I was alright?


“Okay, good. The weather is supposed to get really bad tonight,” she said concerned.


“Oh, yeah. It’s really windy here.”


“You stay inside Maddie, okay?”




“If anything happens, call me or your Dad, alright?”


“I will.”


“I love you, sweetie.”


“I love you too, Mom.”




“Bye.” Great, the night I’m by myself, the world is going to end.


I went back to the kitchen to take my pizza out. I ate it while watching YouTube off my tablet. I was watching the usual when suddenly a news broadcast showed up. That was weird, I’ve never seen this happen, even when there was bad weather.


“This interruption is very important. There is going to be major frosts tonight. And the temperature is supposed to get down to -50 degrees.” What? -50 degrees? That’s crazy. We are encouraging you all to get to a safe place and stay there for tonight. We will keep you updated with any further information. Thank you.” And then the screen flashed back to the video I was watching. That was so weird. I went back to eating my pizza and watching the video. After that, I laid down on the carpet in the living room and watched watched a movie. As I was watching floor seemed to be cold. I looked down and saw frost on the carpet.


“What?” I was so confused. Why was there frost on the carpet?I stood up and called my Mom.




“Mom, there’s frost on the carpet.” It was silent for a moment. “Mom?” I asked.


“Maddie, I called your brother and Uncle Joey. They should be almost there.”


“What’s going on?” I asked confused. “A news broadcast came on and said that it’s supposed to get down to -50.” All I could hear was crackling. “Mom? Mom, are you there?” The call ended. I turned the TV off and walked to the front door. Just as I was going to open it, I heard a knock. I opened the and it was my brother and uncle.


“Are you alright Maddie?” Brad asked.


“Yeah. what’s going on?”


“The weather is just being funky today,” Uncle Joey said. They walked past me and into the living room. They started up the fireplace. I watched them as they worked hard to get the fire started. I was so confused. I’ve never seen them act like this. I tried to talk, but they would tell me to be quiet. I just stood in the corner and watched. Brad caught a glimpse of me and walked over to the cold corner I was in.


“Look, I’m sorry Maddie, but it’s supposed to get cold fast and we need to work hard to get everything done.” I nodded my head. I actually started to shiver a little. Brad put his hand on my arm. The look on his face turned much more concerned. “Maddie, go and change into warm clothes. Put socks and shoes on. Make sure to put some layers on. Do you have a jacket like mine?”




“Alright. And why don’t you make yourself useful and get all of the blankets you can find.” He said and smiled. I smiled back and went to my room to change. I already had jeans and a shirt on, so time for layering up. I got the warmest socks on I could find and put on my ankle boots. I didn’t have much for warm shoes, so I just put those ones on. I found a sweater and put on jacket on. I felt even colder than I did before. I walked over to my window, but it was frosted all over, I couldn’t see a thing. I found my scare, put that on, and went to find blankets. We had a spare room that had  six of them. I grabbed them with a little struggle, but made my way back to the living room.


“Great, I was hoping you’d bring us some of those.” Joey said happily. I set them down in the couch. I was shivering even more now than I was before. I put my hands in my pockets. They felt like they were numb. Joey grabbed one and laid it out on the floor close to the fireplace and he did the same with another one. I looked at him confused. Why on the floor? He noticed my confusment. “The floor is starting to frost. We don’t need our butts to get cold.”  I smiled at him and he smiled back.


“Here, wrap this around you Maddie.” Brad handed me a blanket and I happily wrapped it around myself. I felt a lot warmer, but I could feel the coldness starting to consume me again. Brad and Joey did the same. Brad turned the TV on and there it was, the newscast.


“Make sure you have many layers on.” Even the he had on a coat and scarf. “It is said to get down to -100 degrees later on tonight. Please, make sure you are inside and have heat source. This-” The power turned off. It was almost dark. The only light we had was the fire.


“I’m gonna check the power box. Do you have any flashlights?” Joey asked.


“Yeah, there’s a few in over there,” Brad said. We had a drawer dedicated to flash lights. Joey grabbed one and tossed  a couple to us.


“I’ll be back.” Joey said.


“Is there still a box with a bunch of newspapers?” Brad asked.


“Yeah, I’ll get it.” I turned my flashlight on and walked down the hall. It was so dark. They must have shut all of the doors. I started to walk fast so my body cold warm up. It seemed so much colder here. As I did, my feet lost control. I started to slip and slide. “Whoa, whoa!” I finally lost my balance and fell so hard on the floor. I had hit my head and it felt like someone slammed a brick against my head.


“Madison?” Brad yelled in concern. I tried to get up, but I kept slipping. The floor was frozen. I could hear Brad coming down the hall.


“Carefull, the floor’s frozen,” I said. He came to me and lifted me up to my knees.


“Maddie, are you alright?”


“Yeah. I didn’t know the floor was frozen and slipped.”


“Come one.”


“Wait, the box is just in there.” I said. He looked to where I was pointing the flashlight.


“Wait here,” he said and went into the room. He was in there for a few minutes and came back out with the box. He set it down and helped me up. I felt so dizzy, but I didn’t want to complain. We walked slowly back to the living room. “Sit down by the fire.” He said. I did so and never felt so cold. The fire was warm, but my body just kept shivering, I couldn’t stop it. I wrapped the blanket around myself even more. Brad put a few papers in the fire and looked at me. He lifted my head up like he was examining it. “Jesus, Maddie.”


“What?” I asked confused.


“Just slipped?”


“Well, I did.”


“What the hell happened?” Joey asked.


“Maddie slipped and fell in the hall. And now it looks like she’s bleeding.”


“Brad, go to the bathroom and get the first aid kit.” Brad left and Joey knelt down to examine my head now. “Just slipped, huh?” Brad came back soon with our mini first aid kit. Joey rubbed something that burned so bad and then put some type of ointment on my wound. We all sat around the fireplace and talked. We mostly talked about family stuff and what was going on.


“Are Mom and Dad going to be alright?” I asked for either one to answer.


“Of course,” Joey said. “They’re in good hands, They’re probably sleeping in a nice warm bed.”


“I’d like that right about now,” Brad said. It was quiet for a few moments. I decided to break it.


“Are we going to be alright?” Brad and Joey both looked at me.
They both responded, “Yes.”     


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