Under the Peach Tree

I opened my eyes. I was laying on bright green grass, underneath a peach tree. I sat up in total confusion. So many questions ran through my head, and the biggest one of all was why don’t I remember anything? I could not remember anything about myself, not even my name.


“Hey mister!”


“Woah, who are you?” This thing came out of nowhere and was right on my face.


“You’re new here, aren’t you?” It asked while still on my face.


“Ah, yeah. What about you?”


“Oh, me? I’ve been here my whole life. The name’s Janie. What’s yours?” It said finally got off my face and was fluttering its wings a foot in front of me. It was a small yellow and orange bird, and it was talking to me. A bird talking to me? I must be dreaming.


“Um, I – I don’t really know.” I said kind of feeling embarrassed.


“What do you mean you don’t know? Everyone has a name.”


“Well, I know that, but I can’t remember anything. All I know is that I woke up here.”


“Oh, I’m sorry it’s like that,” Janie said looking sad now. I didn’t know if this was actually real, but I felt bad that she was like this.


“Hey, what do you say you show me around?”


“Really?” she said excitedly.


“Yeah, maybe I can remember my name while you show me around.” I said smiling at her.


“Okay!” And with that, her little wings fluttered away. I got up quickly and started to run to catch up with her. Wow. This place was like a paradise. Beautiful flowers, tall trees, birds of all different kinds, and waterfalls. This was absolutely perfect.


“Wait up Janie!” I was chasing after her for a while, but I needed a break. I slowly came to a stop to catch my breath. I looked all around and everything was wonderful. All the colors were full of life and so many different ones.


“Hey, what’s taking you so long?” Janie asked.


“Well, you did take off pretty fast.”


“Oh, I guess I did, hehe!” She was the cutest bird I’ve ever seen.


“So what’s this place called?” I asked looking around.


“Paradise island.”


“What? Really?” I asked shocked that this paradise was actually called Paradise Island.


“Yeah, doesn’t it look like a paradise?” Janie asked jokingly.


“What do you do here?”


“There’s a lot of things to do.”


“Like what?” I asked.


“I guess that’s for me to know and for your to find out,” she said smiling.


“Oh really?”


“Yeah. So what do you say? Explore Paradise Island with me?”
“Let’s go.”     


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