Insane Asylum

Remember when we all thought that we couldn’t possibly be the only intelligent species in the universe? Well, we were wrong. Turns out that planet Earth is an insane asylum for the universe. It’d been released back in 2050. The people who came to Earth looked just like us. No green skin or antennas. Just people who think they’re better than everyone else. Of course, who wouldn’t when they have super powers we made movies about. All of the movies we made were what we remembered from their planet. And we didn’t even realize that until they came to Earth. You’re probably wondering why they came. Well, they wanted to let us know that there was someone else out there. NASA had been searching for years. They made missions dedicated to finding other life. Finally one mission found an actually gem floating around. Turns out that gem was stolen from their planet and was lost here. When we came back with it, we televised our findings and immediately after we televised that, they came. They told us that that gem belonged to their queen. We had thought they were lying and so they proved they weren’t by making one of the president’s security guard’s head explode. They didn’t even touch him, they only looked in his eyes. It wasn’t too bad because he was later revealed to be a spy. So we believed them and they told us everything. And here we are today, living in absolute filth. They destroyed most of Earth. They wanted to feel pain and what for? I have no idea.


Government became corrupt all over the world. There were no leaders to guide us for what to do next. We had nothing but each other now. But it was soon time to fight back.


As for myself, I worked with a group of men that I call my friends now. Back when we first started, we wanted to kill each other. But now, for the past 10 years, we’ve been creating pods that will send multiple people at a time to a new planet NASA found right before they found the gem. The planet was called Mondour. It has what Earth used to be, clean. Only plant and wildlife roam there. Lucky for us, they didn’t do anything with it and neither did the others.


Today was the day. The day for our lunch. It had to be today because of all the technicalities. The planets aligning, no debris, and most of all, the people who put us here were having a celebration. It was the becoming of their world, kind of like the 4th of July. It’s said that no one from that planet is watching that day. So, what better time than to do it now. But we only had limited space and we only wanted to first bring the ones that wouldn’t want to damage Mondour. That planet was like a safe haven. There was no air pollution, no cars, buildings, and not people. Well, for all we know. So we had to chose carefully. No government people for sure. Because God knows word will spread fast and the others would know. There were six of and each could bring three others. We had to choose wisely. We couldn’t waste what we had going on for us. I brought my two brothers and a boy I found when he was just a baby. He didn’t have anyone, so I took him in. I think my brothers and I have raised him pretty good.


We all met at our shop, with all six working pods waiting for us.


“You ready for this John?” Nick asked.


“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I said. “You?”


“Hell, I’ve been ready for this since day one.” We both laughed and walked over to the pods. Everyone got into theirs and we did one last check up on the pods to make sure everything was running the way it was supposed to. And it was.


“Hey, Johnny boy. All set?” Harvey asked.


“Sure thing,” I said. Harvey opened the ceiling of the shop, and we each got into our pods. I put my headset on and started up the engine. “You guys all buckled in?” I asked. They all replied with a yes. Each pod was supposed to blast off, like a rocket ship, at one time. That being so we would all land at the same time. We could all hear each other with our headsets.


“Alright, we are taking off in ten, nine, eight, seven.” I couldn’t believe this was happening. “Six, five, four.” This was going to be the start of our new lives. “Three, two, one.” A new beginning.         


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