The Lost Princess Snippet!

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to share a small snippet of my book, The Lost Princess. If you all like it, I would be willing to post more like this.

To find my book, you can go to Just type in The Lost Princess by Chloe Thommen, and you’ll be there.

I hope you all enjoy this!

  • Chloe ❤


I walked upstairs to my room and grabbed my dark blue zip up sweatshirt off my bed. I put it on and zipped it up halfway. As I walked out of my room and closed my door, I heard something drop. It sounded like a stack of books hitting the floor. It was further down the hallway, past Bernard’s room. I walked all the way down to the end of the dark hall and found a metal door that I’ve never seen before. I thought it so strange to see this door. I’ve lived here all my life and only find this mysterious door now? I debated back and forth in my head whether I should open the door or not. Bernard might not want me to see what’s in the room, I thought. That might be the very reason since I’ve never saw it before.  But he would have told me not to. I’m quite sure he has never said anything about this spare room. I touched the door with my hand and it’s freezing. I looked back to see if Bernard was around. He wasn’t. I finally decided to open the mysterious door to see what’s in there.

When I opened the door, I felt a cool sensation. It looked like this room was the starting of a cave. I cautiously walked in and shut the door as quietly as I could. This is so strange, I thought to myself. Why is there a cave in our home? There wasn’t much light, but I could manage. I walked a little further with the little bit of light there was and found what seemed like a pound. There was a small wooden dock with a rope tied to it. I walked further and onto the dock. The wooden boards seemed stable enough to walk further out. I went to where the rope was tied and the other end of the rope was tied onto a small wooden boat. It looked like one of those classic love scenes where the couple would go out onto a lake to have a romantic date. I was already so invested in wherever I was that I didn’t want to turn back now. I looked up and tried to see if there was an end to this cave. I squinted and could see a little bit of light. I looked back at the door where I came from and contemplated whether I should just go back. I was just standing there for a minute and I thought to myself, I have never been anywhere outside of Banff. I don’t even think I’ve ever been anywhere except from across the street to be honest. Bernard was always a stickler on not letting go very far. Well, I guess if I want adventure now’s the best time to do it. Heck, I could be dreaming right now. I decided to take this situation into my own hands can get into the boat. I carefully take my first step on the boat. It was a little difficult, but I eventually got myself onto it. I untied the rope from the dock and set in down next to me, then pushed myself and the boat away from the dock. I sat down and there was a paddle in front. I grabbed a hold of it started to paddle away from the dock. I read about this once in a book and just did what he did. I alternated from what side I paddled and continued towards the light. It took about five minutes until I reached the end of the cave and out into a forest. This was absolutely crazy. I finally got out of the dark cave and entered a dark green and umber forest. I paddled some more and reached the end of the pond. I carefully stepped out of the boat and onto the land. I made sure I grabbed the rope connected to the boat and looked around to find anything to keep the boat from floating away. Next to me there was a pile of rocks. I rolled one the size of a small basketball over and onto the rope. I cautiously looked around the environment. Everything was so different here. I walked around and away from the pond. It was like this forest was an endless green ocean. My curiosity was at its max, and I had to explore this strange new place. I only took a few more steps when I heard someone yell.


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