Best Survival Tips You’ll Ever Need to Know: Part 3

Alright folks, I am back again for some of the top notch survival tips. Today I will be talking about tips that save the planet. Let’s start off with soda cans. I know you probably won’t be able to find these just anywhere and you’ll most likely not have a 12 pack either. So what do you do? Just go to the nearest ditch. People throw those things there like they’re throwing candy in a parade. I would suggest getting a few, just incase you lose one or someone steals it from you. Next, you simply cut off the bottom of the can. After doing so, you have your very own hearing aid! I know, you’re not deaf, but you basically are when the world is ending. You get so caught up in other things, that you forget to listen around you. And that’s when you’re in trouble. With these, you can hear up to five miles away! Impossible you say? Well, I’ve tested this many times and you better believe me when I say this hear aid really does work. I’ve gotten myself out of harm’s way before disaster appeared.


My next tip, is the flying plastic bag. I’m sure you can probably already tell what this one is, but let me explain. First you need to find a plastic bag. Any Wal-Mart one will do justice. These you could probably find laying anywhere honestly. Again, I would suggest getting quite a few of these. These will be one of your best fighting tools. What you do first is make sure the bag has no holes. If it has the slightest of holes, you might as well leave it where you found it. Next you’ll want to find dirt. A good three or four cups will do for each bag. Now, just have these fighting machines at your ready and you’re set! If someone is running right towards you, take the bag, start swinging it to get good momentum and nail them straight in the head. They’ll fall back just like that.


My final tip for today are plastic bottles. Like I said before, just go to the nearest ditch to find them. I would suggest getting about four or five of these. Once you have them, make you they are empty and have nothing on the outside. As I had said in a few tips before these, being alone in an apocalypse can make you go a little coo-coo. That is if you do not have the right equipment. These plastic bottles will make sweet music to your ears, literally. Just find a tree, any kind. I would suggest a big oak tree, but we can’t waste precious time by discriminating. Now just start tapping away. Doing this will help your mind at ease. It’s very good for relieving stress. Another plus to this is that you’ll find and create many different kinds of beats.
That’s it for this time. I hope you all enjoyed these eco friendly tips. Just remember, these will save your life!       


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