30 Days of Happiness: Day 20



When we are wiser

When the world’s older


When we have learned

I pray

Someday we may yet live

To live and let live



Life will be faier

Need will be rarer

And greed will not pay.”


This is just little exert from the Musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The song is called “Someday.” I don’t really have any religious beliefs. I’m still trying to figure out that part of me. But what I want you to get from this is to have something or someone you have total and complete trust in. It doesn’t have to be in a religious way whatsoever, It’s just whatever you prefer. For myself, I like to listen to music, such as this song, (and the whole album in fact), that gives off that hopeful and believing vibe. It has brought me out of states where I feel very sad at that moment.
Whatever the object or person it is, just find one. Because this will help a lot with your happiness. And I’m sure others who have had feelings of sadness will tell you the same. But never get discourage or pressured for anything. Just remember to always choose happiness.  


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