A new key Unlocking a Paradise

As I lock smith, I know pretty much everything about keys. I know what key goes to which lock by just glancing at it, all the way to knowing what key you need. There hasn’t been a day go by when I’m not fiddling and making keys. I’ve come to find that it’s very relaxing for myself.


There had been a new lock that came out. It is said to be one of the best. It could hold through anything. So I had to add a new key to my huge chain of about 100 keys. I knew every key I had on there. I knew about each and every single one, from size and each crevice.


As I was putting my new key on, I noticed something out of place. I looked closer and saw a new key. That was strange, because I haven’t added a key in about six months. I took it off and held it to get a better look. The medium sized dark copper key was heavy, heavier than any other I’ve had. I got up from my chair to get my magnifying glass to look at the detailing. As I was walking, the key had started to faintly glow. I had no idea why anything like this would happen. There must’ve been some kind of silicon on it to make it glow. But as I looked at with the magnifying glass, there was no sign of any substances on it. I started to walk to my cleaning station, when the key started to have a greater glow. It seemed to glow more when I walked in a certain direction. My shop wasn’t that big, so when I reached the back wall the strange key lead me to, I was even more confused. The key had lead me to a small door I had never seen in my 25 years of working here. The small wooden door had a lock. I inspected the lock and the glowing key. It seemed like they fit each other perfectly. I hesitated to unlock whatever it was that this door held, but I had to investigate this.


I put the key in the lock and slowly opened the door. The room was dark. Good thing I had a flashlight with me. I turned on my flashlight and tried to see what was in the room. I saw could see absolutely nothing from where I was. I decided to crawl through the tight space of the door. Once I go through, I stood up and what I thought was a room, didn’t feel like it. It felt like it was 30 or 40 degrees colder and open. As I was scanning the room, it seemed like I wasn’t in a room, rather some kind of tunnel. I walked slowly through it, hoping I would find something. I continued for another 10 to 20 minutes, not finding a thing.


I walked for what seemed like forever, until I finally found a light coming up. I walked even faster in anticipation to find out what this place was. I got to the beginning of the light and saw nothing like I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’s what every 30 year old man wants to see. It looked like paradise. There were trees among trees, flowers that fluttered the ground, the green grass everyone wants for their lawn, and a waterfall. I think this was really meant for me.


“He’s finally here!” someone yelled.


“Whoa, what? Who’s there!” I yelled back out of surprise. Then, all of these troll looking creatures came out of hiding. They all looked so happy to see me, like I was a long lost family member.


“We’ve waited so long for this day to come,” said one of the female trolls.


“Who are are you guys?” I asked confused.


“Oh, my bad. We’re the family of trolls that guided you through your life as you grew up,” said the same woman. Trolls that guided me through my life? Yeah, this was a dream. It had to be.


“Really,” I said unconvinced.


“Yes! We’re the ones that told you to go to the prom when you didn’t want to go. The ones that told you to go for your dreams of being a key maker.” The crazy thing was, there was someone who told me to do those things that I was afraid to do. Was I actually going to believe them?


“You mean to tell me that all of the big decisions I made in my life were thanks to all of you?”


“Yep. All thanks to us. And we wanted you to be rewarded for all of the hard work that you’ve done your entire life. So that’s when we decided to put that key on your chain. We knew that was going to be the only way you would notice.”


“You know, this does sound crazy.”


“Yeah, I guess it does… But you’re going to love it here. We know you love hot tubs, so we made this small watering hole that has a hot spring in it. It’s perfect. And just to make sure, we tested it out for you.” I looked them and the only thing I could think of at the moment, was the hot tub. Oh, what I would give for a nice spin in that hot tub.


“I… I don’t know about this.”
“We know that the only thing you have going on for you is your key making business. We’ve even heard you say that if you could live a paradise for the rest of your life, you would be fine. And that’s what we have here waiting for you. Trust me, we’re your family. You’ll never be lonely for the rest of your life.” I couldn’t deny what I said before, but if this was a dream. I could just wake up from this. And if this was real life, I could get used to it. Either way, I was definitely looking forward to that hot tub.            


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