A World Full of Color

I opened my eyes to see big bright green leaves coming out of the ground. They had surrounded me from every way. I reached my hand out and lightly touched the huge leaf nearest to me. Then, they all disappeared and the space filled with an endless sea of vibrant colored flowers. All different shapes, sizes, and colors. There were big tall ones. Ones that had that shape of hearts. Some that had petals that looked fit for a soft bed. And even some that looked like someone splattered paint on them. All of them were so pretty. I wished I could pluck one of each and have the biggest and most beautiful bouquet of all.


I looked all around me, and saw nothing but a field of flowers. I took a deep breath in and smelled the sweet smell of blueberries and cherries. I couldn’t tell where they were coming from. I looked straight ahead and could see in the distance something that looked out of place. I walked forward and as I did, the flowers began to move out of the way, creating a path for me. This had to be a dream. I kept walking towards the mysterious object, until it became clear that the sweet smell of fruit had been this. There were fruits beyond fruit appearing out of this air. And I could smell each and every single one. They funny thing was, they all smelled like they were baked pies. Strawberry to peach to mango to pineapple. This was unbelievable. The smell too intoxicating. I reached forward to grab a pear as I did with the leaves. And like before, they all disappeared. But I couldn’t be disappointed. Once something went away, something new came. I was now at the front of a pond. The water so clear, that I could see all of the shiney rocks at the bottom. I stepped into the cool water and instantly felt refreshed. I closed my eyes and begun to let the water take me away.


I floated in the water for what seemed like ages. I opened my eyes to see where I was at. I thought I would only be a few yards from where I started, but the pond turned into a stream. A peaceful stream. And at the end of the stream was a deer. He had antlers upon antlers. Too many to count. Since it was an animal, I figured he would run away eventually, but he didn’t. He stood there staring at me. His coat was a dark brown and even though it was dark, you could still see the outlines of his strong muscles.


As I came closer, he still didn’t fuss. Once I came the the end, he backed up and let me stand where he stood. We both stared at each, but only for a moment. He then bolted away from me, running away. Something in me wanted to chase after him. And so I did. I made my way through the forest the deer ran through. I ran so fast that I thought my legs were going to give out any minute, and that’s exactly what they did. They buckled and I made hard face plant into the ground.




I woke up to a pit of blackness.
“Hey, it’s okay sweetie. It was just a bad dream.” Mom said while holding me in her arms. I’ve been completely blind my whole life. I dreamed I saw color. But it was just a dream. Just another bad dream.          


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