Stupid Elves

“Stupid elves, always thinking they’re the best,”  Jeremiah said.


“Well, we did just try to steal from them,” I said. Jeremiah kicked the dirt as we walked.


“That doesn’t mean they have the right to bully us. And besides, we didn’t even know that thing was theirs.” I guess he did have a point.


“Yeah, but we should get back before sundown,” I said, hoping he would get over this. Jeremiah stopped walking.


“You know what, no. We should go back and follow them.”


“What? You’re joking, right?”


“No, we need to go back,” I said grabbing his shoulder.


“Kiara, I just want to see why that crystal rock is so important to them, that’s all.”


“No, we need to go back before sundown. That’s what we were told to do.”


“Oh, come on. You can’t always follow the rules,” he said jokingly. “Besides, we haven’t gone on an adventure since last week.” I sighed.


“Fine, but we can’t stay out too long. We don’t know what’s lurking out here at night.” Jeremiah smiled like I was giving him candy.




“Calm down. You promise me we won’t be out here too long. We just see what it’s for and then leave.”


“I promise.” And so we journeyed to where the elves lived. It wasn’t too bad at this time of the day, but I was really hoping we weren’t going to be there too late. I didn’t want to be here to see what came out at night.


We came to a stop when we saw the elven kingdom. “Is this not the best thing you’ve ever seen?” Jeremiah asked, so astonished. I had to admit that the elven kingdom was a very beautiful place. The walls looked like it was made out of diamonds. I had heard it actually was made of some of the finest jewels in all of the lands. I’d believe it if it were.


“Yeah, it’s beautiful. I guess I don’t mind coming here.” Jeremiah looked at me with a wide eyed smile.


“That’s the Kiara I know.” I smiled back and pushed at his arm.


“So, how do you suppose we get a look at that Crystal?”


“Well, we could sneak in.”


“Oh yeah, like that definitely won’t get us caught.”


“ Do you have any better ideas?” I looked back at the castle and back at Jeremiah. “Come on then. If we want to get back before sundown, we should go and check it out now.” I followed Jeremiah as we carefully walked to the front of the castle.


“We can’t go through that way.” I said. “ They probably have hidden guards.


“You’re right. Let’s go through the left side. Maybe there’ll be an entrance there.” We both snuck to the left side. We found a small doorway that was open and followed through it. We snuck around and behind tall walls. We continued and walked around everywhere to find the crystal. We finally came to a room that was very large, but hardly anything in it. There was only what looked like a throne and the crystal sitting right in it. “It’s there!”


“Hey, be quiet. We’ve come this far. I’m not going to get caught because of your blabby mouth.” We walked over to the chair, making sure no one was in sight. Jeremiah carefully picked up the crystal.


“Woah, it seems a lot brighter now than before.”


“Yeah, it does,” I said while admiring the multi colored jewel.


“What do you two think you’re doing?” A new and strange voice said. Jeremiah and I both turned around quickly.


“Ah, nothing.” Jeremiah said quickly setting the crystal back down. It was the elven king. We slowly backed away from the throne.


“You’re the ones that found that, aren’t you.”


“Yes, your majesty,” Jeremiah said.


“Thank you for finding it. I thought I’d lost it forever,” he said walking closer to us. “You two aren’t suppose to be here. I know your parents would never let either of you come by yourself.”


“We just wanted to see what was so special about the crystal.”


“It’s a family token. It has been passed down from generation to generation.”




“I’m going to send you two back. But it seems like it’s passed sundown. You’ll have to be escorted.”


“We’re going to be in so much trouble.”


“Can you not tell our parents, please,” I said.


“I suppose I can let it slip.”


“Oh, thank you so much!” And that was the we got caught by an elven king.



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