The Unexpected Bully

I walked to my locker, as usual when first getting to school. When I opened it up, I noticed a paper fell. I picked it up in confusion as to why it was there. I opened it up and read it.


Dear Olivia,


What a stupid name. I can’t believe your parents actually named you that. I hope you know that you’re as stupid as your name. Let’s see what else you are… Oh, dumb, slut, bitch, whore, cunt. I could go on for hours, but you’re not worth that. You’re a worthless piece of dog shit. No one likes you, not even your so called friend, Liz.


Sincerely, everyone


What is this? Why would anyone write this to me? I’ve never done anything to anyone. I looked around me to see if the person who wrote this nasty letter was watching for my reaction. No one seemed to be looking. I didn’t understand, I was nice to everyone. I hardly even talked to anyone.


“What’s that?” Liz asked. I quickly folded the letter and put it in my pocket.


“Nothing, just some notes,” I said nervously.


“Mhmm, probably some love note you’re keeping from me,” Liz said jokingly. I wish. “So, anything interesting happen over the weekend?”


“No, just the same old same old. What about you?” She started smiling like she just won the lottery. “What is it?”


“Tyler Stephens started talking to me.”


“Wait, the Tyler Stephens? Only the most popular guy in this school, Tyler Stephens?”


“Hehe, yep!”


“Wow, how and why?” Liz smile turned into a frown.


“Are you trying to tell me that I’m not his type?” I knew she was joking.


“No, I just mean… “ I didn’t know what to say. “ You know what I mean.”


“I know and I don’t know! He just started texting me Friday night, which is weird because I feel like he would be at a party drinking.” There would be no shocker at that if he would. “It was so weird, but so great. I feel like we really connected.”


“Well, I’m really happy for you, Liz.” The bell rang for first hour and we walked to our English class.


The rest of the day was normal. There wasn’t anyone making fun of me or anything. Maybe is was someone playing a joke on me. Hopefully. The next day was pretty normal as well, until I got home. It was around six and I was doing my homework when I heard my phone buzz. I looked to see who texted me. It said Unknown. I looked at the text and it said.


“Wow, didn’t thank me for your letter? That’s why no one like you.”


I exited out of the text and put my phone down. I never did anything wrong to anyone. I just didn’t understand as to why someone would be doing this to me. I left my phone on my bed when I went down to have dinner. When I came back up, I had 15 new text messages from the same person. They all kept saying how no one likes me, that I’m worthless, and all these mean names. I just couldn’t understand. I went to bed early that night.


The next day, I walked into school feeling like crap. I walked to my locker, hoping there would be no letter. I opened it and there wasn’t. A huge breath of relief escaped my mouth.


“How come you didn’t respond to my text last night?” I turned around and it was Jessica Lane. The most popular girl in high school, well, in the 10th grade.


“I don’t know what you mean. I didn’t get any texts from you.”


“Oh, of course you did. I sent about 20 of them.” She was the one. The one who wrote that nasty letter and said all of those mean things. “Well, since you didn’t respond, you’ll be getting some more of those. Okay, slut?” she said as her and her group of friends walked away laughing like I told them a funny joke. I’ve never done anything to her, not ever.


“What was that about?” Liz asked.


“Oh, nothing. They were just talking to me.”


“Just talking? Why would they talk to you? No offence, it’s just they’re mean, stuck up girls.”


“It think it was just a joke. They said they liked my jeans.”


“Well, if they say anything to you other than that, let me know. I could beat them up, if you wanted.” I smiled and started to laugh. “ What? You don’t think I could?”


“No, of course my fighting queen.”


“Come on jerk, let’s get to class.” Liz always made me feel better, but I wasn’t going to tell her this. This bully stuff was just going to be between me and Jessica.


The rest of the day was alright, just a few times when Jessica and I made eye contact. Every time we did, she and her friends would laugh. She probably said something mean when they did. Walking home felt like forever. I just wanted to lay in bed and sleep. And that’s just what I did. I slept until my brother came and woke me up.


“Wake up sleepy head!” Kyle said laying on top of me. “We go to the same school, it’s not that tiring. I mean Mr. Hoops’ class is pretty, but still.”


“You’re crushing me, get off!” He got and sat next to me. He was a senior and one of the popular ones. The opposite of me.


“Seriously, what’s up? You’re never like this.”


“I’m just tired.”


“But you went to bed early last night.”


“I’m a girl.”


“You’ve got that right. I’ve never seen someone’s hair look so messy after sleeping.” I laid back down and put the covers over my head. “If you don’t get up right now, I’m going to carry you down there.” I stayed under the sheets to see if he would. “Five… Four… Three, two one. You asked for this!”


“Hey, you counted too fast!” And then he flipped my covers up, lifted me up, and flung me up and over his shoulder.


“Nope, you asked for it.” He actually carried me all the way downstairs to the kitchen. And to make matters worse, he started tickling me.


“Stop it!” I hated being tickled.


“Kyle, put Liv down and come so we can have dinner,” Mom said.


“Fine, but if I ever have to come get you again, you’re going to regret it.”


“Whatever, I could beat you up,” I said.


“I’d like to see.”


“Me too,” Dad said. So would I. Kyle was that typical big and muscular guy. He could probably break my arm like a twig.


Having dinner made me feel a lot better. That’s what I loved about my family, everyone laughed and made everyone else feel special. I went to bed that night, feeling 10 times better. But when I woke up to my phone buzzing at midnight, that good fuzzy feeling soon turned to disgust. About another 15 large texts came to me from Jessica. I turned my phone off and went to bed feeling like crap again.


The bullying went on for six months, but it kept getting worse and worse. She would stop me in the halls when no one was around and push me against wall. She would tell me face to face that I was nothing. I shouldn’t be here. No one likes me, not even my family. She would keep sending me those texts everyday. She made sure that my life was miserable. And it was. I couldn’t tell you how many times I cried because of what she said. I didn’t want this anymore.


I finally decided that I couldn’t take it anymore. We had the day off of school today. This was a perfect time, because only Kyle and I would be home. I made sure he was downstairs when I did it.


I walked to the bathroom, opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed a bottle of pills. I didn’t know what they were, I just made sure the bottle was full. I grabbed the bottle and the glass of water. I sat down on the rug in front of the tub and took all of the pills. I forced all of them down with the water. I set the glass back down. I took a deep breath and down on the rug. I cried, until I couldn’t cry anymore. Everything started to turn blurry, then I saw Kyle running towards me. He was yelling and shaking me. I faintly saw him grab the empty medicine bottle, throw it down, and lift me up.


I woke up in a strange room. I was in a hospital. I saw my Mom, Dad, and brother there. They were all crying. All I could think is why I’m still alive?         


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