A Long Awaited Kiss

It was 2033 and WWIII had just been won by the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It was time for Brent to come home to sunny California from cold Russia. He had been there for a year, fighting. It was no doubt that he missed his wife anymore than she missed him. That was what he was most excited for when he came back. He hadn’t had much contact with her at all. It was maybe a call a couple times a month and it could only be for about 10 minutes each time, if that. Nothing had prepared them for this wild journey they had been forced into.


Most would think it would only be tough for Brent, being that he had been sent away for war, but there was so much put on his wife, Sasha’s, plate. She had to keep a stable income. That was the worst part for her. Her job had to cut back on what they paid her. Before the war, she was pain $17 an hour, during the war, she was pain $9. Before the war, Brent and Sasha had bought an expensive house. They did it because they both had a pretty good income. The house payment she had to make each month was too much. In order to pay for it, she had to cut out the cable, sell her most prized possessions and other belongings, only buy the essentials for groceries. Some days she went because sometimes a paycheck wouldn’t come in right away. She soon had to get another job. That one only paid $5 an hour. She had become exhausted from work overload many times, but she had to keep telling herself that others had it worse. The only thing she kept and made sure she had, was her phone. That was the only way she could hear from Brent. And she didn’t want to take that away.




Brent’s flight had just landed at 10:30 AM, and my oh my was excited. He was jumping out of his socks for the moment he could see his wife again.


He stepped out of the terminal to see many others waiting for their loved one to come and greet them. The crowd was huge. He had walked through the big wave of people many times, trying to find Sasha. He had no luck. Finally, he just stopped and looked around. And there she was, to his left. She was as radiant and beautiful the day he left. A tear escaped his eye from an overwhelming feeling of joy. Then she looked right at him. The same happened with her. They both started walking towards each other. And then a hug came. A long hug filled with so much glee. They both felt like they were in a dream of some sort, like this was too good to be real. The hug finally ended. They looked into each other’s teary eyed faces.
Brent ran his hands through Sasha’s soft hair and laid his hands on the back of her head. He slowly pushed her head toward his for a kiss. Sasha didn’t even budge, for she had waited for this moment for what seemed like an eternity. Finally their lips together at once. Brent knew that he was home when Sasha’s lips touched his.


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