And let the Adventure Begin

My father and I have always had a love and passion for traveling. We have been to the Taj Mahal in India all the way to the freezing Alaskan dog mushing races. We are from London, so you could see why we love the adventure or traveling. London is a beautiful place, but we know there is much more to this world than cold rainy weather. That is why we are traveling to the amazon forests. We have been wanting to go there for quite some time. I think it’s been almost three years since we’ve planned out this trip. Since there isn’t too much knowledge as to where we plan on going to, we’ve decided that bringing a couple others to help protect and make sure we’re safe won’t be a bad idea. My father and I have decided that we want to go deep down inside the forests, where there lay unknown creatures and plants. It has always been a delegate in our family of discovering new things, so we are hoping for the best.


“Samantha, the car is ready for us!” Dad shouted. I hurried and grabbed my journal. My journal was one thing that I always kept with me. My motto was that anytime is a great time to document. I quickly ran downstairs, almost falling over. Luckily my DAd was there to catch me. “Whoa, sweety. The car isn’t driving away yet.”


“Sorry, Dad. I’m just really excited.”


“Me too.” He brushed my hair back and smiled.”


“What is it? Do I have something on my face?”


“No. You just remind me so much of your mother.” It was moments like these I cherished so much. “Come on, let’s get going before we miss our flight.” And so, we endured into our trip. I couldn’t tell you how excited and happy I was, not to mention my Dad either. It seemed like he was a kid in a candy shop. It made me very happy that we both love doing the same thing.


Our flight was 14 hours. We both had gotten used to it by now. Just the flight part. The jet lag was the worst, but it seemed like we were just too ecstatic to be bothered by it too much.




We had finally reached the hot amazon forests of South America. It was bit of a nuisance getting to where we wanted, but we finally got there. We hadn’t even gotten a foot into the forests, but I could already tell how beautiful everything was. The flowers were so vibrant and big. I’ve never seen such big flowers before. And the trees, oh the trees. They were so tall and strong. Just by a touch I could already tell they’ve lived a long and interesting life.


“Dad, have you ever seen such a magnificent forest before?”


“Not ever,” he said astonished. This was going to be one of our best trips, ever.


“Alright everyone, let’s get the show on the road. We don’t want to be wandering to a good camp site when it’s dark,” said Michael. He was one of the two men helping us on the trip.


“He said it best,” Dad said. And so the journey really began. We walked and took a few breaks for a good five hours. We had arrived here in the afternoon, so today wasn’t going to be full of too much adventure, but boy did we see a lot. There was an unbelievable amount of birds. I hadn’t seen so many different shapes, and colors before. Other than birds, trees, and plants, we didn’t see much. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll see more. “Sleep well, darling.” Dad said as he left my tent and to his for the night.


“You too.” I don’t think I’ve ever had a better night’s sleep than that one. It was the next morning and set off early. We wanted to see as much as we could in this trip. We ad been walking for an hour and hadn’t seen anything new. “Do you think there are people who live here?”


“I would love to see, but I don’t think so,” Dad said


“I don’t think you want to see them if there were any,” said Dominic. He was the other one traveling with us.


“Why not?” I asked.


“Natives in lands like these don’t take a liking to strangers, no matter who they are,” Dominic said. “Honestly, I would rather walk on nails than be caught with them.” I turned back looking forward. Before I kind of wished that we would see new people, but now I don’t want to. I started to have a bad gut feeling ever since we talked about it.


“Is everything alright, Samantha?” Dad asked nicely.


“Yes, I’ve just had some bad feelings since our last conversation.”


“Don’t worry about that sweetie. Everything will be alright, I promise. We’ve been here for only a day and a half, and we haven’t seen anything bad. Knock on wood,” he said as he knocked on a tree right next to us. He always made me smile and laugh. I think that’s what my favorite thing about him was. Other than the fact that he was so strong since Mom had died. “Come on, let’s continue.” It had been almost three hours until we made our next stop. It was so frustrating that one of our most wanted place to visit had nothing special and interesting appear. Oh well I thought. Good things will come.


“What exactly is it you’re looking for Mr. Burns?” Michael asked.


“We’re looking for something new to discover and it is a trip. So it’s something that we like to do and-.” Out of nowhere we heard yells and whoops. Everyone stood up and just looked all around, trying to find what was making that noise. I turned to my Dad. “And that’s what we’re looking for, boys,” he said with a grin. We continued to walk for another few hundred yards. We stopped again from hearing the loud yells.


“I think you might want to see this, Mr. Burns,” Michael said looking straight above him. We quietly walked over to where he was standing and looked up. There was a city, strung between the trees, and the people walked on bridges made of branches.


“Are you seeing this, Samantha?” Dad asked.


“Yes.” This was more than I’d ever imagine. More than I’d ever want from a journey. I knew this was going to be great.


“And let the adventure begin,” he said.  



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