A Better day Than Usual

I sat outside my house on the front steps. It was beautiful out, well better than most days. I guess you couldn’t exactly call it beautiful with all of the muggy smoke and debris. But today, you could almost make out where the sun would be in the sky. I decided that since it was one of the nicer days, I would take a walk around town.


I stood up and slowly took my time as I walked out of the driveway and onto the sidewalk. I always walked the same route every day, down to the park and around to the inner city, and back home. It was pretty nice and all. There was no one to really bother me, in the daytime at least. As I would walk, I could hear the birds singing their songs, like in every animated kids movie. That to me was quite beautiful. Just hearing the music they created was very relaxing in a way. I could never hear anything else, so yeah you could say that the sound of birds chirping was relaxing. It also took me off ease. I mean, I always had to be on the lookout, but it gave me some sort of clarity.


It was another normal day in the park. Same old rusty playground with no children running around. Sometimes I would just sit on a bench and imagine kids playing, moms watching and talking with other moms, people making their rounds, running through the park. Today I didn’t feel like doing that, it was too nice out not to keep walking. The walks usually take about an hour, but not this one. It took me a good two and a half hours to get back to my house. Before going inside, I took one last glimpse at this more desirable day than most, and thought boy is it a good day to be the only man alive.         


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