We’re not Asking the Dragon for Directions

“Dude, we’re not asking the dragon for directions,” Kyle said.


“It’ll be alright, trust me,” I said.


“What do you mean it’ll be alright? It’s a freaking dragon, and we’re lost in whatever this place is.”


“Nothing bad has happened so far, it’ll all be fine.”


“Okay, whatever you say, Will.” We slowly and carefully walked up toward the blue green dragon. He looked the size of a small house, until he turned to us. Then he looked the size of a really really big house.


“Who are you?” he asked.


“Ah, my name is Will, and this is Kyle. What’s yours?”


“You can call me Grith.”


“It’s nice to meet you, Grith,” I said.


“What are you two doing here? By the looks of it, it seems you’re not from around here.”


“Yes, we’re not. We’re from a city called New York, and my friend and I were just walking through this forest. We had gotten lost, but we thought we were going the right direction, and it turns out we weren’t. We kept getting more and more lost, and then we came to a cliff. My friend was getting a better look and he slipped off. I did as much as I could to keep him and I from falling, but it didn’t work. We fell off and into a lake, but when we came back up for air, we were here.” Grith looked at us curiously.


“That’s an interesting story. And you’re not afraid? You’re not afraid of me?”


“You seem nice, so I guess we’re not.”


“Do you know how we can get back?” Kyle asked.


“No, I have no idea, but I’m sure you two can figure it out.” And he turned away.


“Please, that’s why we came to you. We have no idea where we’re at.We just know that we’re not in New York anymore, and we want to figure out how to get there, and what to do until then.” I started to beg without even realizing it.


“People are afraid of me.”


Kyle and I both looked at each other and then at him. “Why is that?” Kyle asked.


“I am a dragon. What is there not to be afraid of?”


“You have been nice to us.”


“Well I won’t if you two keep bothering me.” And he turned away once again.


“Please, Grith. We’re completely lost and we have no clue what to do. This place is different, much different than our home, and we just don’t know where to go or what to do. Will you please help us? I asked.


“We’ll do anything for you,” Kyle said. Grith was still turned away from us. I was hoping so much that he would help us. Kyle and I were being 100 percent honest, we really did have no idea where we were at and where to go. All we knew was that wherever it was, it wasn’t New York anymore.


“What will you do in return for me?” Grith asked.


“Anything you want,” I said.


He laughed, “Are you sure now? Because I could make you two do anything if that were the deal.”


“We’re desperate, please.”


“It’s funny how anyone would do anything to get what they want.”


“Look, we’ll do just about anything, but we’re not going to kill someone if that’s what you want.”


“Will, don’t give him any ideas,” Kyle whispered.


“Grith laughed again, “Trust me, if I wanted someone to be killed, I wouldn’t need you two to do that. And besides, I’m not like that. You think just because I’m a dragon, I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way?” he asked hurt.


“No, I didn’t mean that by any means. It’s just that we’re lost and have no idea where we’re at,” I said.


“You’re in the land of Jostan. Specifically, in the north eastern part.”


“I’ve never heard of it before,” Kyle said.


“Because you’re in a different world. I’ve come across a few people who’ve had the same problem as you two, but I don’t know how to get you back.”


“What do those people do after they get here?” I asked.


“They usually stay and live the rest of their lives here. They find people who are willing to take them in, and for the most part, everyone is willing to do so.”


“No one had ever found their way out of here?”


“Not that I’ve heard up, but there’s always a first.” We’re never going to find our way out of here.


“Can you point us in a good direction, or could you help us out?”


“You can’t leave before you help me with what I want,” Grith said.


“What is it?”


“I want my gold back.”




“I had lots and lots of gold once, but someone had stole it all from me.”


“Why would they do that?”


“The people who stole it from me were upset because I wouldn’t do what they wanted. They hated they town’s governor, and they wanted me to kill him. I didn’t because those days were behind me. I didn’t want the shame that came with that. So the next night they came and had a wizard put a spell on me to make me fall asleep for five years. When I woke up, I still knew they stole my gold. I’ve wanted it ever since.”


“How are we supposed to take back a bunch of gold?” Kyle asked. It wasn’t a dumb question, because if it were like the stories we heard growing up, dragons have lots and lots of gold.


“I don’t want all of it back, I’m sure they’ve spent most of it. I just want a few items, items that were near and dear to my heart.”


“They took things that were special to you too?” I asked.


“Yes, they took everything.” That was one thing I hated, was when someone bullied others and took away part of them. I could count how many times I beat up kids who bullied Kyle back in middle school and high school.


“We’ll do whatever it takes to get back what you want.”


“No, you don’t. I didn’t know what I was thinking when I said that. You two don’t need to do anything for me. I already said I would help, and that’s all.


Oh, no. You already said someone stole something from you. You can’t say those things in front of Will and not expect him to do something about it. Trust me, I grew up with him,” Kyle said.


“No, it’s too dangerous and I’m not going to let it happen.”


“If you’re going to help us, then let us return the favor, and help you,” I said.


“Would you two really do that? Help someone you’ve just met, especially a dragon.”


“Whatever it takes, and besides, you don’t even know how to get us back where we came from. So we’ll help you from helping us.”


“Deal?” Kyle asked.
Grith hesitated for a few moments, but finally caved in. “Fine, but not anytime soon. Once I figure out the slightest on how to get you two back, then we’ll start talking about that. Until then, you can stay here with me, and we can get to know each other.” Kyle and I both smiled at each other and at Grith. I wasn’t exactly sure why we were happy, considering we were still in this mysterious land, but we were. “Oh, and we might want to get you two some new clothes.”


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Last weekend and next weekend have and will be busy for me, so I won’t be able to post my moving post. I have also been asked to talk about my inspiration for my stories. I thought I would be able to get that up this week, but I am not sure, so I think that post will be postponed until next week.


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I was Going Home

Music was always such a favorite of mine, all the way from Jazz to Rock and Roll. But my favorite was orchestra. The way the strings moved with each other, like a dance. Each instrument is played for their part of that dance. They sway from side to side, twirl in the air, and let’s the wind guide them. The violin and viola take the lead, while the cello and bass are taken hand in hand by them. They dance a certain dance that cannot be made without each other there, holding them up and making sure wherever it is they’re going will be safe.


Without those underlying components of the bass and cello, the violin and viola would sound good, but not magnificent. That goes the same with the other two. Each is a beautiful instrument and has it’s own perks as to why they’re great, but for some reason making them come together and play makes everything better, much better. The music the instruments makes feels as if you’re floating most of the times, at least that’s how I feel when I hear it. It can then make you feel like you’re standing right next to the great Greek God himself, Zeus. He is honoring you for your bravery and loyalty. Or it can make you feel like you’re dancing in the all time favorite ballet, Swan Lake. And this goes for every kind of music as well. And that’s the wonderful thing about music, it takes to you to endless possibilities. That’s why I’m here today, talking about this. It was life’s decision for me to go away to the gates of heaven, well at least that’s where I’m hoping to go. And it was my decision for me to listen to the wonderful sounds of the violin, viola, cello, and bass being played at one time. It was last wish, and I was lucky enough for it to have happened.


They were wonderful musicians, who played a wonderful selection of tunes. Before they left, I asked them to play one more piece. As they did graciously, I closed my eyes and imagined the thought of my husband and I dancing a slow dance. I was finally going to be with him again after twenty years. I couldn’t wait, the anticipation was taking me away, slowly. And so was the beautiful music. My life was a great life, and now it was my time to move onto something even greater. I took one last breath and smiled. I was going home.

Best Survival Tips You’ll Ever Need to Know: Part 6

“Oh, it’s you again. I see you’re coming back for more, as usual. I wouldn’t blame you though. My tips have been known to save lives. Did you see what I did there? I said save lives because they’re survival tips. Not funny? Well, I guess that’s why I’m not a comedian. Let’s get on with it.


Today I will be giving tips that include the sun. The sun is one of our main priorities, whether it be to keep us warm, give light, or heck, even a tan. To start off with, the sun will be extremely be helpful to give us heat, and without heat we would die, and that’s not a happy camper needs. We need to stay alive. So, what will be essential for this is some kind of blanket, coat, anything that will be big enough to wrap around yourself. After finding this item, take it to a surface where there is nothing around and the sun is shining directly down on top of it. You will want to make sure that the sun will be able to shine in it for at least five hours, so maybe start this process at noon. While you’re waiting you could walk around the area or go have a dip in the lake, just something fun to make the time pass. There’s actually a lot you can do when you’re trying to survive, but I’ll save that for another time. After you have been letting your item layout and soak the sun rays, you can then take it, roll it up in a ball, then, when it’s late at night and it’s freezing cold, you can roll it out, and wrap it around you. It’s as simple as that! This will act as if you were sitting next to a warm and cozy fire.


Now, for this next tip, you will need some plastic bottles, or even a jar of some sort. Something that has a lid to it so it’s compact. Next you will want to lay this out in a clear surface where the sun can stay there, but this process will be taking a lot longer than the first one. By a lot longer, I mean an all day kind of thing. This will require you to get every scoop of sunlight you can get. I would suggest setting out the bottles or jars before sunrise, this is to ensure that you’re going to get all of what you need. Then you let them sit there. Oh, and don’t be stupid and leave the lid on the bottle or jar. I’ve had many complaints as to why this tip didn’t work for them, and I guess I have to tell every specific detail… Jeez, I didn’t know people were so dumb now a days. Did I say that out loud? Anyways, you’re going to want to let them sit out until the last ray of sun is hitting the bottle or jar. The moment after the light disappears, you’re going to want to put the lid back on it right away, so nothing goes away. Then get to wherever your hideout is, and instead of building a fire, you can use these creations. When you let the bottle or jar sit out all day, the sun is collected in them, And since you’ve been collecting it all day, it will last all night. You can stay warm, cook some food, and while you’re at it, you can do a hand shadow show to keep you going sane.


My last tips for the day will be about long lasting camouflage. This will require you to be good with the sun. That meaning, if you’re paler than Snow White, you might need to lay out in the sun a few times before doing this. Once you and the sun get along, you will want to take advantage of doing a long temporary camouflage session. You will need any kind of plants you can scavenge for. For the most part, you want leaves, but if you come across a flower or two, you take those. Once getting all of those, you’ll want to lay out, once again in the clear surface where you can stay out there for a few hours. After laying down, you’ll want to sort the plants mainly on your face, arms, and hands. Then, just have a good nap or just enjoy soaking in the sun rays. Now I’m sure you’re wondering what this will do for you besides looking like a fool. The unevenness of your skin will create an illusion of wildlife. So when you’re hiding from someone you don’t want to talk to, this will be perfect for you. You’ll be able to hide basically anywhere you want to. I have found that bushes and trees work the best.


As always, I hope you all enjoyed these life saving tips. You never know when the world is going to end and you need to help.

The Lost Princess Excerpt

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a great day. Today I would like to post another excerpt from my first book, The Lost Princess.

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I hope you enjoy!

-Chloe ❤


“Hey there, little one!” Ramsey shouted. I turned to my right and saw him sword fighting with someone. I go over to him and watched as they both try as hard as they could to beat each other. This was the first time I’d ever saw sword fighting and it was amazing. It was like a sport to them. They did it so well and gracefully, yet so strong and powerful. The man Ramsey was fighting had started to get the advantage, but then Ramsey got the upper hand and pushed the other man down to the ground with his sword and shield and pinned him. “You’re getting better Jack. Just a little more practice and you’ll make it into the Guild.” Ramsey got himself up, then helped Jack up and walked toward me. “So I assume you read all of your books and you’ve come outside to celebrate?” Ramsey asked teasingly.

“Well, if one of those huge books count, then yes!” I said smiling,

“I guess that’s a good start,” Ramsey said breathing hard.

“So, what is all of this for?” I asked.

“It’s training for anyone who wants to be a part of the Guild.”

“What’s the Guild?”

“It’s a group of knights that fight for Aragon. We train them to protect and lay their lives down for the kingdom.” I looked at his sword and saw all of the marks and scratches on it. The sword looked like it had been through a lot of fighting. I couldn’t imagine all of the stories behind each and every one of the scratches.

Abe came over and asked, “Have you ever used a sword?”

“Well, back at home there aren’t really any sort of things like these… So I can’t say I have. Unless you count using a stick to get a hornet nest down.”

“Not quite what I was thinking.”

“Here, this is how you hold it.” Ramsey said and handed his shiny, silver sword to me. At first I thought it would be kind of easy to hold it (mostly because Ramsey made it look easy), but the moment Ramsey let go and I took a hold of it, it dropped straight down to the ground and a little bit of my body weight went down as well. “Haha! I should have warned you that this may be a little heavy for you.

“Oh, it’s not too bad,” I said trying to lift up the sword straight.

“Here,” Rasmey said while laughing, “How about this?” Ramsey helped me lift up the sword and readjusted how I was holding it, which was surprisingly much easier to hold now. The lengthy blade was still heavy but it was something I could get used to.

“Wow, that’s a lot easier!” I exclaimed.

“I thought it might be,” Ramsey said. Now that I had a good grip on the sword, I held it up more. The sun shined brightly on the long silver blade. For a little while Ramsey showed me some moves and skills with the sword. He showed me how to block a hit and how to strike back. Learning these things were honestly interesting. I was really hoping he would show me more. “You’re a fast learner, you know that? We could use some men like you,” Ramsey said.

“I guess, but it’s only because I have a good teacher.”

“You really are good, I’m not just saying that.”

“Ramsey,” a man said.

Ramsey turned to his left. “Yes, Isaac.” He was dressed in the same clothing material as Ramsey, with the chain and amor.  

“The King and Queen have asked if Adeline has been doing her studies. They saw her out here and thought maybe you brought her here instead,” Isaac said.

“Yes, she has all morning. She just needed some fresh air,” Ramsey said.

“Alright. I don’t mean to be like that. It’s just… You know how they are.”

“It’s quite alright.”

Isaac turned to leave but turned back fast and asked, “Are we still up for the hunt tonight?”

“I almost forgot about that. Yes, we are!” Ramsey exclaimed.

“Great. I’ll see you then, brother.” They exchanged nods and Isaac walked back into the castle.

I go back to practicing the moves Ramsey showed me and asked, “A hunt for what?”

“Tonight is the night that the almighty Boradon comes out. For the past five years the guild has been trying to hunt it down.” While listening to him I swung the sword a little too much, lost my balance and almost fell. Ramsey grabbed a hold of me before I almost face planted. “Hey, watch how much you swing.” I get back on both of my feet and go back to what I was doing. I must have looked ridiculous at the time.

“What’s a Boradon?” I asked.

“The Boradon is a giant bear that has similar features of a humane. He’s a very strong and ruthless creature. He has the strength of ten men and can tear apart anything that gets in his way. I’ve even heard he’s as tall as a tree.”

I stopped practicing and asked, “A tree?” giving him an unsure look.

He laughed and said, “I’m not joking.” I go back to what I was doing.

“Can I come?” I asked hoping he would say yes.

He fixed my posture. “I don’t think that would be the best idea for you to come on the hunt. It’s very dangerous and there is a high chance that you can get seriously injured. And I can not let that happen. Especially to you.”

I stopped what I was doing and turned to face him.“But wha-”

“No buts. The decision has been made.”

I looked at the blade of the sword and could see all of the intricate detail that started from the tip of the blade all the way the handle. I looked back at Ramsey. “Okay, I completely understand everything. But this could be such a fun experience. Like you said, he only comes once a year,” I said giving the most pitiful eyes I had ever given. “And if things start to get out on hand, I will come straight back here. No ifs, ands, or buts.”

“No,” he said promptly.


Ramsey looked around himself like he was trying to make a deal with a three year old. He hesitated for moment and said, “I… I guess, but no playing games! This is very serious. If anything happens to you, I’ll have my head cut off.

I couldn’t believe he actually said yes. “Awesome!” I exclaimed.


“Um, it’s like the word great,” I said remembering I’m in a different world.

“Oh. Well, awesome it is!” Ramsey said. He looked around to make sure no one was around. “Now, we’re going to have to sneak you out because I know for a fact that your father and mother will not want you even out of your room tonight when we go. So when the sun is down I will come to your room and get you. We have to make sure nobody knows you’re going with us. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir!” I exclaimed with excitement. Ramsey smiled and laughed. “What?” I asked.

“You just remind me of your-…


“I mean someone I used to know.”

“Is that in a good way or a bad way?”

Ramsey smiled and said “A good way.” He took the sword out of my hand and slid it into his halter around his waist. “That’s enough of this for you today.”

Oh, Deer

“I’m going to do it today,” I said confidently.


“Grow you full set of antlers?” Jaxon asked jokingly.


“No! My antlers are growing in just fine.”


“Yeah, right,” he chuckled. “So what are you going to do then?”


“I’m going to ask Maria if she would like to go with me to the waterfall.”


“You’re still hung up on her? I thought she was with Jacob.”


“Her? Never. She’s too good for a buck like him. He’s too strung up on himself.”


“You’ve got that right, but didn’t she reject you before anyways?”


“She didn’t per say reject me, she just blushed and laughed.” I said defensively. Maria was the most beautiful doe out of them all. She had this sweet look to her and she was very polite.


“You know, her father is the leader of the herd.” I started to drift off into Maria land. “Hello! Are you listening to me?”


“She’s so beautiful. Have you ever noticed that she has a rosy tint to her cheeks?”


“No, I haven’t,” Jaxon said irritated. “Snap out of it and listen to me!” Jaxon then rammed me in the side.


“Hey, what was that for?”


“So you can listen to me. You do know that her father is the leader of the heard, right?”


“Yeah, I always forget, but that doesn’t matter.”


“What do you mean it doesn’t matter? He’ll kill you if you try to do anything with Maria. Why do you think she’s single?”


“It doesn’t matter, alright? He was good friends with my Father, and he was there to help my Mom and I after he died. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I took Maria to the waterfall.” I hope at least.


“How are you going to ask Maria?”


“How are you going to ask me what?” someone asked. Jaxon and I turned around. It was the beautiful Maria. I swear she was absolutely flawless every time I saw her.


“Oh, what’s that, Dad? You need me? My Dad needs me, I’ll leave you two alone. See you later, Elijah.” Jaxon said.


“See, ya.” I turned back to Maria nervously.


“So what was it that you wanted to ask me?” she asked.


“I-I-I.” Oh no, I was starting to stutter. I didn’t even say anything and I was ruining it already. I looked down and felt a wave of embarrassment flood me.


“Hehe, it’s okay. You can talk to me.”


“I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the waterfall with me.” There, I got it all over. That was painless.


“I would love to. I’ve never been.”


“You would, really?” I couldn’t believe she said yes.


“Yes, I would, Elijah.”


“Wait, you’ve never been to the waterfall?”




“That’s great, I’ll show you around. My Dad and I used to go there a lot.” I said.


“For how long?” someone asked. We turned around and it was him, Maria’s father.


“Oh, umm, not that long. Since she’s never been there, I figured I could just show her around and whenever she wanted to go, we could go. Or whenever you wanted us to go, we could go then as well.” Why was more comfortable talking with him than I was with Maria? Maybe it was because he didn’t blush like she did. Or maybe it’s because he doesn’t have a soft looking mane like Maria did. Wait, what are you doing, Elijah? Snap out of it! “Is that alright with you sir?”


“Is what alright?” he asked sternly.


“Is it fine with you if I accompany Maria to the waterfall and show her around?” At the moment, he looked a lot bigger than I remembered seeing last, and that was this morning.


“Well, if you’re anything like your father, yes.”


“Really? Thank you, sir. That means a lot to me.”


“Just don’t stay out too late, you two. And don’t call me sir, just Ben.”


“Thank you, Daddy,” Maria said.
And since that day, Maria was mine forever and ever.      

No, not a Dream, a Nightmare

“Come on Sasha!” Ashley yelled.


“Yeah, if you want it to be painless, just jump in. Don’t test the temperature out,” Zayn said. Even though it was the dead beat of summer, the lake water was still going to be freezing.


“We know you want to,” Jack teased.


“We’re going to splash you if you don’t get in!”  Heather yelled.


“Okay, fine. I’m coming in,” I said. I took a few steps back and sprinted forward. As I jumped off the dock, I took the deepest breath, and my body hit the freezing water hard. I swam back up to the surface and the water didn’t feel back anymore. “I guess you guys were right,” I said laughing. I heard no response or saw anyone. I looked around and saw my friend’s bodies floating. I started feel something cold hit my nose. Snow? In the middle of August? There was snow covering the ground everywhere, and the water turned into actually freezing water. This had to be some kind of joke. “Okay, you guys are funny.” Still no movement. “You guys can stop with the games, it’s not funny.” I swam over to Ashley and pushed her. All she did was float away. “Ashley?” I swam over to Jack, and he did the same. “Guys, what’s going on?” The water was so cold, I could barely stand to be in there. I needed to get out, my friends needed to get out. I took a hold of Ashley and swam with her body to the surface. The cold winter air hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t want to go back into the water, but I had to.


“It’s no use,” Someone said. I turned around and a man was standing there.


“No, I have to go back in. They could die out there.”


“They’re already dead.” His words came out like stone, hard and heavy.


“That’s not true, I have to go back in.” Right as I was about to swim back into the ice cold lake, the man grabbed my wrist. “Let go.”


“No, you’re coming with me.”


“Why should I? I need to go back in and get my friends, before anything serious happens.”


“Everything serious has happened already. If you don’t believe me, check your friend’s heart beat.” I wrapped my arms around myself. Not only was the air freezing, but so was that thought. “Go on.” I bent down next to Ashley and put my head against her chest. I wanted so badly to hear something, anything. The strange man had wrapped a blanket around me, and pulled me up. “I’ll explain everything once we get to the cabin, but we need to hurry. I walked with the man and never turned back. I couldn’t, if I did I knew I was going to break down.


We finally came to the cabin after what felt like an eternity of walking. He sat me down and gave me a new blanket since the one I had was was wet from me and the snow. “Let me guess, you were the last to jump in.” he said.


“How did you know?” I asked. I couldn’t think it was strange he knew, it was snowing and my friends were dead.


“Every 10 years this happens. A group of five teens go to the lake to swim. And I’m sure it was very hot out that day.” He was right. “And when the last one jumps in, it goes downhill from there. The last one swims up and sees that it’s winter, their friends are floating around and I come to tell them that they’re dead. Then I take them back and tell them what I’m telling you.”


“What happens next?” I asked.


“You stay here, and we figure out what to do. I’ll help you as much as I can.”


“Why does this happen?”


“You’re in a parallel universe, and I guess there must be something i the water that makes you come here and the other four dead.”


“It doesn’t make sense.” I was so confused.


“I know, I can explain more but I don’t want to now. Right now you’re out of it from the cold. Tomorrow it’ll all come to you, trust me. For now, just let your body rest so you’ll get all of your energy back. I’ll get you some cloths and you can get some sleep. My name’s Antonio by the way. Sasha, is it?” I just shook my head, I wasn’t going to ask why he knew. He left and brought back some clothes, then showed me to my bed.
As I laid down, a pool of thoughts came. I couldn’t of anything straight, it all just blurred together. For the most part, this all felt like a dream, a dream I couldn’t escape. It wasn’t a dream though, it was reality, and reality sucked. After of not sleeping for a couple of hours, Antonio brought me some sleeping medicine, which helped a lot. I fell asleep and dreamed of the lake, everything all over, again and again and again. I would forever be trapped in this terrible dream, no not a dream, a nightmare.

An Evil Girl Scout

Dr. Evil is what they called me, and by they I mean everyone. I was the baddest guy in town. Worse than any other villain you could think of. If a child had a balloon, I would pop it. If  someone had a lollipop, I would take it before it would hit their mouth. If  someone was running, I would trip them. It was especially funny when they were on roller skates. Fun stuff. But I am done with petty jokes. I want to take over and rule the world!


“Um, excuse me Dr. Evil, but would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?” asked Sally. She was my arch nemesis. I didn’t care what people said, she was little but dangerous. She could trick anyone into buying her cookies.


“Never! I see right through you.”


“I don’t know what you mean?” she asked devilish.


“Oh, I think you know what I mean,” I said bending down to her level.


“And I think that you think I think you know what I mean.” For being seven, she sure id know how to confuse me.


“Stop it, I know what you’re trying to do.”


“And what is that?”


“You’re trying to get me to spend my money on your girl scout cookies. Sorry to break the news to you, but I’m not going to. Sorry not sorry.”


“That’s okay. The only reason I’m over here talking to you is because my Mom made me. She felt bad for you, she thinks you’re lonely.”


“Me? I’m not lonely,” I said feeling hurt that anyone would think that. “You know what, I’ll buy a box because I know you’re not making any sales.” I handed her five dollars and was about to grab a box of Caramel Delights when Sally slapped my hand. “Ow! What was that for?”


“For your information, I’ve made plenty of sales. I’ve made about $100 this morning. So, no. You can’t have any cookies.”


“100?” I chuckled.


“What, you can do better?”


“Sounds like a bet.”


“Yeah, I bet you I can sell more cookies than you.”


“I could beat you any day. Deal.” Sally and I set out our cookie stands out next to each other. I could sell way more than her. I was the best villain. “Cookies! Get your cookies!” There was no one coming to my stand. I looked over at Sally’s and she had a line. “What?!”


“What did I tell you?” Sally asked. I couldn’t believe she had a line of customers and I had none. I was going to beat her, no matter what.


It was 3 o’clock and we packed up our stands. “So, how much did you make?”


I had only made $20. I had to make myself look better, so I pulled out some of my money. “$80,” I said proudly.


“Oh, poor baby,” I snickered. “I know some of that is your money.”


“Fine, I only made $20. How much did you make? And no lying.”


“Unlike you, I made a good $515.” What?! “And I believe the $20 you made goes to me,” she said taking the money from my hands. “So now $535.”


“Whatever.” I couldn’t believe she beat me. Told you, she’s evil.


“Here, Dr. Evil,” she said handing me a box of Caramel Delights.


“I don’t want you pitty.”


“Oh, no. It’s not mine, I would never. It’s my Mom again. She just feels really bad for you. You know, since you got beat by a little girl.” I took the box and left. “Have a good rest of your day, Dr. Evil!” she said happily. At least I got a box of cookies out of this. I opened them up and there was nothing in there.
“Aaaahhh!” I was going to get back at her. I didn’t know how, but I was.

Well Well Well

After looking for a home after three months, I finally found one. It was the perfect countryside dream home. It was built of maroon colored bricks, had all kinds of fruit trees, a woods behind the house, and sometimes you could even see some deer. The plus side for me was that it wasn’t surrounded by a bunch of people who wanted to know all about your business. I lived all my life in cities, and it was time for a change. Only being 25, I thought buying a house was nice too. Most people my age were still living in cheap apartments.


Since it was just me, I had to do all of the clean up work around the property. But I was a 25 year old man in shape. I guess that’s what going to the gym was going to pay off for.


The inside was great. Everything just the way I imagined for a house of my own. But, some parts of the outside needed some cleaning up, especially the back. That was going to be my project for today. I walked out there and delved into the piles of weeds. It took a while, but eventually I got it all cleared. Something that was strange though, was the fact that there was what looked like a sealed water well. It was so interesting to me. It made me wonder how long houses have been on this land. And that curiosity lead me to wonder about the depth of the well. Since I did live in the city my whole life, it made me wonder how people used to get their water.


The plate didn’t look like it was stabilized to the pavement, so I removed it by sliding it off. I bent down, but I couldn’t see a thing. After getting a flashlight, I shined it down. Out of nowhere, two people scurried away. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. I backed away from the well quickly. Did I really just see two people? I walked back to the well, gulped, and shined the light down again. Nothing. I must of been seeing things. Who knows, maybe they were just two animals… Big animals.


I went back inside and called the realtor who sold me the house. “Thomas?” she said.




“How are you?”


“I’m fine, just a little freaked out.”


“What is it? Did you find a mouse in the house?” she asked concerned.


“I wish it were only that.”


“What do you mean then?”


“I cleaned that back of the house today and found a well. I removed the plate and saw what looked like two people.”


“What? You can’t be serious.” she said plainly.


“No, I’m being 100% honest. When I shined the light down, they ran away.


“Huh. Do you like the house?” Why was she asking me right now if I liked the house?”


“Uh, yeah it’s great, but that’s not what I want to talk about.”


“Look, I’m sure everything will be fine. Just act like you never saw anything.”


“Act like I never saw anything? Just a moment ago you freaked out because you thought I saw a mouse. What’s going on?”


“Nothing, I just.”


“Did you know about the well?” She was quiet. “Mandy, did you know about this?” I demanded.


“I might have known something about it.”


“Maybe you should have said something about it when you were selling the house to ?”


“I just didn’t want to discourage you from it. It seemed that you liked it a lot.”


“Since I already bought the house, do you mind telling me more?” She was quiet once again. “Mandy.”


“Okay, but you have to have an open mind about this. There has been houses on the land for 200 years. Back when the first house was built there, it protected witches. They were the ones you hear about in books. The classic cauldron and making other people’s lives miserable. They had killed many people. It was said that witches have lived there since.” Witches?


“This house has been here for 200 years?”


“Yes. Since it was made of brick, it wasn’t too bad to repair on the outside, but the entire interior was redone.”


“Okay, so where does the whole well thing come into play?”


“The last owner of the house was looking for a house to buy and he really wanted that one. He went as far as going to the owners and asking if he could buy it. The owners were very kind and said no, but that wasn’t the answer he was looking for. So he came the next night and supposedly drugged them. He then dropped them down in the well. He actually cemented a metal plate over the well. You could see it and it just didn’t look good. So called some people to remove it and just put a stone plate t cover the hole and a bunch of weeds.”


“So you went to all of that trouble rather than telling me the truth?”


“It’s just that you liked the house a lot and it’s been on the market for years.”


“I see.” Realtors, they’ll do anything to sell a house. “So what happened after that?”


“Well the state had to get involved because the grass was as tall as me. They got into the house and couldn’t find anyone. I guess he just disappeared The house eventually got on the market and I was in charge of it.”


“And what do I do now?”


“Nothing! You’ve got your dream house. Why would you want to go any deeper into this than you have to?”


“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I saw two people down there.”


“Look, I’m not apart of this anymore. The rest is up to you.” I was about to say something and she hung up. I had to go back there to see if they were still there.


I shined the light back down and saw nothing. “Hello? Is anybody there?” Nothing. Maybe I could lure them out. “I ah, heard the story. About a man who put two people down here because he wanted the house. I’m not him, I just bought the house.” There was still nothing. “I don’t know if I’m even talking to anyone but if I am, let me know. I want to help.” I waited another moment and heard silence. I got up and was about to put the plate back on.


“Wait!” a woman shouted.


I bent back down, “Hello?”


“Yes, please. Can you get us out of here?” she asked. I shined the light down and saw two women.


“Yes. Are you two alright?”


“For two years, I guess we’ve been fine.” Eventually, I had gotten them out. They were two young women named Sophia and Elizabeth. They actually seemed fine for being suck down there for two years. They were clean, didn’t smell bad, and they looked like they had eaten well.


After telling them my story, they told me theirs. And to my surprise, they were actually witches. They even showed me proof by making things appear, disappear, and move. It was crazy! I never thought in my entire life that I would meet witches.
I had offered to move away, but they said since I got them out of the well that they could let me stay there. I offered to go, but insisted. So I guess this move was great after all in the end anyways, even if I had to rescue two witches out of a well.

A Duckling who Didn’t Know how to Swim

Today was the day I was going to do this. As a young duckling, I had to learn how to swim, since it was an essential. And practically everyone other duckling I knew was already swimming, not to mention very fast. I had been practicing for a few weeks now and I think it was time.


“Look who’s here.” I turned around to see Ginny and her group of friends there.


“If you’re here to make fun of me, I don’t want to hear it,” I said proudfully.


“Oh, we don’t need to do that. You do it for us.”


“Today, I’m going to swim, and I don’t care what any of you say.”


“Prove it and we won’t,” she said.


“Well, I, ah…” I started to stumble with my words.


“What’s the matter? Are you… scared?” They all started to laugh.


“No, I’m not! I’m just not quite ready yet.”


“Take your time. We’ll be here waiting.” And they just stood there quietly talking to each other. By the sounds of their laughing, they were probably making fun of me. I walked up to the opening of the pond.


“You can do this, Riley. You’ve got this,” I said quietly to myself.” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, then I dove in. I tried my best to swim up to the surface. I got there, which was a plus, but I could keep myself above. I did everything I was taught, but it all just disappeared. Each time I tried to call for help, my head would dip back in. I could still hear Ginny and her friends laughing over my splashing around. And out of nowhere someone swam in and rescued me.


“Riley, are you alright!” It was my Mom. Thank goodness. I tried to speak, but only coughs of water came out. After, a moment, I could talk.


“Yeah, thanks Mom.”


“I told you not to go in, unless I was around.”


“I know, it’s just that-.”


“That what?” she demanded. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Ginny and her friends. I turned and saw that they were laughing, again.


“Is everything alright?” asked Ginny’s Dad. “What happened?”


“Riley tried to swim without anyone with her,” Mom said.


“Is everything fine?”


“It is now, but I think you should talk to Ginny. IT seems her and her friends were watching and laughing at Riley when she needed help.” Ginny’s Dad’s expression turned from surprised to angry.




“Yes, Daddy?” she asked politely.


“It seems we need to have a talk,” he said sternly. And they walked away. Mom turned back to me and frowned like she was disappointed.


“Riley, I thought we agreed to wait until I came.”


“Well, I was going to do that, but.”


“But then Ginny and her friends came and talked to you.”


“Yeah, and they were making fun of my and being mean. I just wanted to prove to them that I could do it.” I looked down to the dirt ground.


“Oh, sweetie. You don’t need to prove anything to them, only to yourself. That’s all that matters. You don’t even need to prove it to me. The only thing you do need to is being responsible and careful. You could have gotten seriously hurt today, and who knows what else could have happened.”


“I know, I’m sorry Mom. I just want to swim already. I know you don’t think as highly of me because I can’t swim.”


“Riley, I would never think any less of you because of that. If anything it was because you fell into pure pressure, and you can’t do that. You have to listen to what that gut feeling of yours is telling you, and I bet it wasn’t telling you to go and that, was it?”


“No, the opposite actually.”


“Then listen. Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with,” she said compassionately.”


“Okay. I’m sorry, Mom.” I said looking up to her.


“It’s okay. What would you think about giving it a try again?” she asked.


“You mean swimming?”
“Yes, I mean swimming.” We walked to the pond, and I looked out. I wasn’t sure, but I knew that my Mom was going to be there if I failed. “Now, remember what I taught you. No diving in. Just walk in and kick off.” I took a very deep breath and did as she said, I walked in and kicked off. And I was doing it! Maybe for a few seconds, but I did it. She had to help me swim back in, but I didn’t care. I swam, it was only for a small amount of time, but I did it. I may have failed after those few brave seconds, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I followed my gut feeling and I tried. And that’s all that should matter.