Dream Catcher

I was making my regular rounds today, emptying all of the dream catchers. Dream catchers had become an essential for everyone. One day, more and more people’s nightmares had started to become their reality. It was crazy to think at the time when this all first started, that dream catchers would really catch all of the nightmares you would ever had. Now in today’s society, we depended on them greatly. It seemed like there were more than usual this week. We only emptied them once a week, so there’s about 70 or so, but after collecting them all, there was a total of 159. It was strange, but we’ve had more.


I made my way back to the office. That’s where I had to empty all of the nightmares onto  multiple chips. Each person in the city had their own chip. I let someone else download them onto there and after that, was all me. I was the lucky one that had to review all of the nightmares and make a report on each and every single one. Only a few select people are offered this job. It’s the people that are willing to work long hours and that won’t be affected by the dreams. Well, everyone who does get this job is affected in some way, but it can’t be to the extreme. Some who thought they could do the job ended up killing themselves. Eventually it was too much. They would start to get other’s nightmares mixed in with theirs and would basically eat them up. Most suicides were shooting, hanging, jumping off a building, or standing in front of a train. There’s not much we can do to prevent a majority of those, so in order to get this job, you have to go through many tests. I guess the only nice thing about this job is the fact that we get paid more than some of the best doctors. Most people who don’t have this job complain about us at first, but then they really think about what we do and they decided that it’s better that we get paid so much for what we go through. I could say that this job is almost as detrimental as someone who would go to war. I’m not saying it’s that server, it’s the fact that nightmares are everyone’s worst fear, no matter who you are in this world. Nightmares don’t discriminate, they come to anyone and everyone.


I had figured out why there were so many more dream catchers today. Last week, a new horror film came out. It was about paranormal activities. Those movies usual get a lot more nightmares than other horror movies. And so, most of the nightmares I reviewed were mostly about a family member or a close friend getting possessed. If you compiled all the nightmares I watched today, you could probably get another box office hit.


People’s imagination today is quite wild. I’ve seen things all the way from next door neighbors killing to a daughter’s father getting possessed and trying to kill her, to a group of friends trying to kill each other for whatever reasons they had. It’s crazy what you see. I can say that some others nightmares have popped up into mine, but I try not to think about it too much. There’s too many good things we have in life today to get beat up by silly nightmares.
So, if you’re ever wondering where your nightmares go to and who deals with them, it’s me. And don’t thank me, I’ll thank you for allowing me to have a peek inside your head. Keep on dreaming everyone.     


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