The Best Survival Tips You’ll Ever Need to Know: Part 4

Once again, I am back for your very own safety! Today I’ll be sharing some do or die survival tips. The first one we are going to talk about is becoming one with the earth. To do so, you must get to know all of your surroundings. Whether that be a sahara desert, byu swamps, or even the amazon jungles, it is an absolute must to become one. To begin, get in a secluded area with your legs shoulder length apart, arms relaxed, and eyes closed. Now, just take deep breaths slowly. Doing this will heighten your senses of everything around you. Don’t believe me? This is what all of the animals do. It’s not because they’ve lived out there their entire life, it’s because they do what I’m telling you to do. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen before. Then, you open your eyes, have a slight bend to the knees and that’s where the magic happens. Your human instincts will still be there, but your body will start to walk and act like your spirit animal. You’ll honestly be so amazed by this when it happens. Your body will just know what to do. Some things I suggest before doing any of this is to get some kind of dirt, mug, whatever you can find, and rub it all over yourself. Also, finding some leaves or twigs may be valuable as well. This will make the experience much better. The animal side of you will be much more comfortable and more likely to come out. The reason this tip is a must is because animals having been living out in the wilderness their entire lives and how do you think they live for so long? Doing this will make everything about yourself more adaptable to any condition when you’re trying to survive.


My second do or die tips is to find a tree, and that can be any kind of tree as well. I would suggest a tree that has thick bark, but as I’ve said before, there’s no time to discriminate when it comes to survival. And try to find the best tree you can. Once you’ve done so, start to tear the bark off. Be careful not to get the bark caught underneath your nails though. We’ve all probably experienced that once or twice before and that is not a good at all whatsoever. Anyways, peel off as much as you can, you’ll want to keep a backup pile if you can. What you want to do now, is take the bark and rub it against any open areas that you don’t have clothing on. This means all the way from ankles, to arms and hands, to that precious face of yours. You want to be fairly ruff during this process as well. This will create your skin to become a sturdy structure. So getting scrapes, bug bites, or any serious injuries will be impossible to get. You may not look the prettiest after, but what’s better, a pretty face or survival?


This last tip I am going to talk about goes hand with the one before. Finding a water source is always a must. So that’s definitely something you want to do before any of these. But when you do, make sure it’s a good size, maybe a stream or pond size could do. After finding the water source, go find some leaves, or even better, if you find lily pads, grab every single one you can find. Once you find whatever you can get your hands on, soak them in that water you found before. I would say a good 10 minutes of soaking would do justice. After the soaking process is done, put the leaves or lily pads on the areas of your skin where you rubbed the bark on. This has a therapeutic technique that will allow the skin to get all massaged and loose, but when your skin drys, it will become almost as hard as that tree you took the bark from. This will help your skin not feel so rough and hurt as well. It’s pretty good if you ask me.


Well, I hope you all enjoyed today’s do or die survival tips! Remember, if there ever so happens to be an apocalypse of some sort or if the world is coming to a complete end, these tips will be a lifesaver, I promise you that.      



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