The Game of Life

I looked over to my sides, and saw something I would have never expected to see. I saw a “Game Over” screen with two options: Try Again or Game Over. Why would anyone like me be able to try again in life? Ever since I was born, I caused trouble. My birth was the reason my mother died. Her death was the reason why my father left me alone on the streets as a newborn. Well, who wouldn’t? I’d be disgusted to look at me too, knowing I was the reason for my wife’s death. I never blamed him for what he did, never.


I was the reason for so many people having their belongings stolen. There have probably been over 100 women that I’ve most likely have stolen their most prized piece of jewelry. In the moment, I never thought of anything, but when I saw what else they had and who their family was, that’s when it hit me. It wasn’t that fact the I was stealing, rather that the families seemed like they had more meaning and purpose. That what I was doing was taking away complishments. I know that doesn’t make sense, but it sure did to me at the time.


I was the reason for so many deaths. I do admit that I regret killing some of those people. They were innocent, just in the wrong place and at the wrong time. It has killed me on the inside for a long time. I could still remember each and every single one of them, the good and bad. It hurt to picture the good ones, but I had to put all of that aside, until now. Every face had ran through my head, over and over again. Each of them looked so full of great potential in their life. How could I have destroyed all of that? I destroyed what may had been a beautiful life. Who knows, maybe they had the chance to try again. And then it came to me. If I tried again, I could make good of myself. I couldn’t erase what I had done and I definitely could not undo all of what I had done, but could make my life’s goal to better everything. I was capable of doing a lot of good, I just never did any.


I laid there and just stared at the translucent “Game Over” screen. For all I had done, I shouldn’t live. But I could do something that’s worthwhile and make good of myself. I had to do this. It wasn’t going to be easy, I just knew that I had to, with all of the will power I had, make things try to be good again.
I slowly lifted my hand up and pressed the cold option of Try Again.  


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