A Blue Haired Angel

In that moment, I was faced with a tough decision. It was either, break into the house, or back out and have my friends make fun of me the rest of high school. We were almost to the house and I had no intention of breaking in, but what else was I supposed to do? How was going to get myself out of this one? “Are you coming, Max?” Fred asked.


“Yeah.” I continued walking until we stopped and hid behind a bush.


“You said the Johnsons would be gone tonight, right Fred?” Brian asked.


“No, I said they were going to be here. Yes I said they would be gone!” Fred loudly whispered and smacked Brian on the head.


“Ow, okay! You didn’t have to hit me. I was just making sure.”


“A baby, that’s what you are. Now, come on.” The three of us got up and started walking to the house. I had stopped to get a good look at the giant house.


“That’s pretty a pretty big house.” a strange voice said. I turned around, thinking it was a police officer, but no one was there. “Stop looking around like a weirdo, I’m right here.” I turned to my right and saw a tiny man.


“What the? Get off of me.” And I brushed and patted my shoulder. Then the tiny many turned much larger and was standing right in front of me. “Who are you?”


“I’m the one stopping you from breaking into that house.”


“You don’t look like a cop.”


“That’s because I’m not. Are you stupid or something?”


“Hey, I’m not stupid!”


“Look, I know you’re not, but you’re going to be if you continue to go with them.”




“Yeah. And I bet it wouldn’t look to good on your record either, because I know and you know that the Johnsons have security everything. I’m surprised the dogs haven’t started barking yet.”


I looked at him strangely, “Who are you?”


“The name’s Vinny, I’m your angel.”


I laughed, “My angel? Yeah right. Aren’t angels supposed to have wings and a halo? Not blue hair and tattoos.


“Hey! Don’t start judging me. I’m not the one who’s about to break into a house. And I know what you’re thinking too, all of the rest of the guys are look like what you said, but I’m an angel with style. Got a problem, deal with it kid.”


“Just leave me alone.” I turned around and started walking away. And he appeared right infront of me again.


“You’re not going to go in there.”


“Says who?” I asked.


“Says me. If you go in there now, you’re going to end up doing it for the rest of your life. You’re going to be a lowdown thug and nobody is ever going to treat you with respect. You don’t want that, do you?”




“Well, then get out of here.”


“Yeah, and have my only two friends make fun of me for the rest of high school? I don’t think so.”


“Make other friends.”


“I’m not good at that.”


“I’ll help you.”


“Okay, well how do I get out of this situation without making myself look like a total whimp?”


“Hmm, do you still have that water bottle in your backpack?” he asked.


“How did you know that?” I asked curiously.


“I’ll tell you later. Take it out and make it look like you’re throwing up.” I looked at him like he was crazy. “It’ll work, trust me.”


“Okay, whatever you say.” He disappeared and I took the water bottle out. I turned around and said, “Guys, I don’t feel so good.”


“What do you mean you don’t-” I started pouring the water out violently and moving my body like I would if I were actually throwing up. “Jesus man! Get out of here. You’re going to get us caught.” Freddy said anxiously.


“Are you sure? I can stay.”


“No, go home. You’ll miss all the fun, but we’ll tell you about it tomorrow.”


“Okay.” I put the cap back on the bottle and started walking home.


“Was I right or was I right?” Vinny asked proudly.


“Yeah yeah, you were right. Are you going to tell me how you knew the bottle of water was in my backpack now?”


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