An Apology!!

Hello everyone, I hope your day has been going great! I would like to give a massive apology for being gone for so long. Last week I had been moving and I wanted to focus on that, because I knew the quality of my stories wouldn’t have been as good as I would have wanted them to be. The week before that I was trying to stockpile, but I was caught up on finishing a couple classes before I would leave and moving was kind of stressful for myself. And as for a majority of this week, I had no access to wifi or internet.


But, as of right now and for a while, I will be posting a story everyday.


I’ll also be doubling (and tripling) for the days I missed. So, for today and sunday I will be posting three stories. And for next week, I will be posting twice a day until I catch up on the missed posts.


Once again, I am very sorry for not informing you all that I would be gone and for all of the stories missed.


I hope everyone has a beautiful rest of your day, or night!


P.S. Sometime this month I will be posting about my move and the mini vacation.


Chloe ❤


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