Six Minutes

Six minutes. That’s all the time I had left. Six minutes until the pain was over, six minutes until I would finally die.


It was hard to think that it would come to this. When all of this started, I thought I would have gotten an antidote before it came even close to this. But that was long before I knew I would end up saving other people’s lives who were in my same situation. I can’t tell you how many lives I saved for just being a guy who has a desk job. I saved 10. Three were children, four women, and three men. There was another man, but unfortunately I was too late. The poison had started to take over his body earlier than what the man told us. I felt horrible. But I couldn’t blame it on myself. Why? There was no point. How could I have blamed myself for his death when someone else had put poison in us? Oh well, it’s all going to be over soon. There’s nothing I could do to stop this anymore. Like everything else in this cruel world, it has to come to an end sooner or later.


Five minutes left. Why did this one have to be so much slower than the rest?


I had a good life going for me. I had a girlfriend who I was going to purpose. Jenny was wonderful, my everything. I never thought we would be torn apart until we were 100 years old. To me, I thought we were invincible to the world. When I die, I hope they find my body, so she knows that I didn’t leave her. I would never have left her, not for anything. Sometimes we would just ask each other random questions and once in awhile this question would pop up, what would you do if I cheated on you? To be honest, I would still love her, even if it were with 20 other guys. Our love was the only thing keeping me motivated everyday. It’s what made me want to wake up in the mornings and do.


Four minutes left. Goddamn.


I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to end this. It was either now or never.


I looked to my left and saw a large cutting knife. How convenient. I took a deep slowly breath and closed my eyes. “Jenny, take your time. I will always love you.” I took one more deep breath, held the handle of the blade with all my might, and forced it deep inside my gut.


It hurt, but only for a moment. Everything came much more soon, just how I wanted it.          



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