A bet Gone Wrong

“It started out as a simple game. How was I supposed to know it would turn into a life or death situation, Grace?”


“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you shouldn’t even have had that stupid bet with Dakota! Maybe if you weren’t so competitive, Dakota wouldn’t be dead right now.” I couldn’t believe I had actually killed someone. And Grace was right. All because of some stupid bet. It started out on 5th period this morning. Dakota kept saying that I wouldn’t be able to stay one night in Mr. Grey’s house. It was about 100 years old, and it was known to be haunted. He called me a baby and I said it was on.


I was Friday night at 9 when we decided to meet at the abandoned house. It was me, Dakota, and Grace. The only reason Grace was there because she didn’t think it was a good idea.


It started off where Dakota said the conditions, which were to stay in the house at all times, I had to walk around when I didn’t sleep, and I had to stay up until 2 in the morning. He said he’d know if I didn’t do what he said. I thought he was lying, but he sure was.


After an hour of being in that old creepy house, Grace and I started to hear very strange noises. They sounded like someone was wheezing and a woman screaming. Then we started to hear things falling and loud bangs, like the doors were being slammed. It was getting a little too much for the both of us. We didn’t know what to do. But after a couple of hours of agonizing torture, we figured out why these things were happening. It was Dakota the entire time. He was the one making all of the noises and trying to scare us. He had went so far as to putting cameras up all over the house, along with small speakers. That was what we were hearing that whole time. And that was how he knew we would stay there. He had even played a recording of Grace and my name. The entire time, he was playing some kind of sick game, and I wasn’t going to let him get away with this. He was going to have a taste of his own medicine.


Grace and I had found a place to stay where we could see what Dakota was doing. We waited until he left. That’s when we went into the room and grabbed a few items. Then I had created this very large Rube Goldberg machine. In the room. I loved doing that kind of stuff, so the machine was going to be a piece of cake. I had designed it so very creepy noises would project in the room. Then I made a part that would open the window very fast. I made all the things to freak him out, like he did to us. Dakota needed this. He had been a bully since the 3rd grade. It was time for this to happen to him. It made it even better that it was by me.


Grace and I went back to the hiding spot and waited for Dakota. After 20 minutes, he came back, but he seemed frustrated. Probably because he couldn’t find us. Then, I had pulled the string, and the entertainment began. He had screamed like a little girl, worse than myself. But then the catastrophe happened. Dakota was slowly walking backwards and he tripped. I didn’t know why he had spikes with him, or if there were there before, but I wished they hadn’t been. Dakota fell and his head landed on the spikes. Grace and I ran down and tried to get an answer from him, but nothing. Luckily Grace knew a little bit about medical stuff. He tried so many times to find his pulse, but there was nothing.


“What did I do?” I quietly said to myself.


Grace turned to me, “Jeremy, it’s not you fault, really. I‘m sorry for what I said. I was just in a lot of shock in the moment.”


“I don’t know, if I hadn’t done this and would have just left, or confronted him… Heck, I shouldn’t even had agreed to do this.”


“Please, Jeremy, you have to believe me.” I couldn’t believe this.


“What do we do now?”


“We have to call the police. It’s only thing we can do.” Grace called the police, and when they got there, both of us had to explain everything at least five times.
There were no serious charges against me, I had to do volunteering work though, and a lot of it. But I was fine with that. That day was when reality got in my face and hit me.      


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