We Only Wanted Pizza

“Hey, Jason!”


“Hey, what’s up buddy?”


“Nothing much, just bored. Are you doing anything tonight?”


“I just got off work. Why, are you?”


“No, that’s why I was asking.”


“Why not. I didn’t have anything special going on. I’ll shower first and then come over.”


“Okay, see you then.”


“Yup, see ya.” Awesome! I hadn’t spent anytime with him, since the beginning of April. In fact, I hadn’t done anything since the beginning of April. It was already the end of the month. I need to get out more. I guess while I wait for him, I could watch some TV. There was usually nothing on TV anyways. The TV industry was going downhill and fast. I don’t think I’ve ever been so bored watching a show. Unless you watched a game show or those new lame sitcoms, there were only reruns. Friends was a pretty good show though, everyone had to admit that. I watched one episode of Friends and fell asleep through the second one. I woke to the sounds of hard knocking on the door. I snapped straight up and ran to the door, hoping whoever it were, didn’t leave.


“Don’t leave, I’m coming!” I opened the door quickly. Only Jason. Phew. “Okay, it’s only you.”


“Yeah, nice to see you too, Matt. What, are you expecting someone else?”


“No, I just fell asleep on the couch. I must of forgot for a split second.”


“Yeah, I can tell. You might want to wipe the slobber off your face.” I immediately wiped everywhere on my face. I knew Jason was my best friend,b but even that’s embarrassing. “There you go, buddy. Look, it’s okay. I was just having some fun. We haven’t hung out since the beginning of April. What have you been up to since then?”


“Not a whole lot really. What about you?”


“I got a promotion at my job.”


“Really? That’s great! So are you the boss of that place now?” I asked jokingly.


“I wish! The only thing different was a pay raise, which in my case is always better than being a boss.”


“Yeah. I just don’t see how you can sit in an office all day.”


“Me either. How’s the photography going?”


“It’s going. Just had a session today with another teenage girl getting senior pictures done.”


“It’s only April. They come in for those already?”


“Yeah, the rich ones anyways.”


Jason laughed, “Maybe I should become one. I could probably get one of their numbers.”


“Ha, and go to jail all in one day!”


“Yeah, okay. But you know what I mean. I need a girlfriend. We both need girlfriends.”


“Yeah, I mean we’re not bad looking guys. The ladies should be all over us by now.”


“Oh, shut up you ass hole. What are we doing?” I didn’t even think of anything to do.


“Do you want pizza tonight?”


“Sure, pepperoni.”


“Alright, make yourself comfortable. I’ll go call in the order.” I went to the kitchen and dialed the number. It took them long enough to pick up the phone.


“H-Hello?” A girl asked. She sounded scared and uneasy.


“Ah, hi. I would like to order a pizza for delivery.”


“O-Okay… “ What the heck? I knew some places were a little slow, but she’s not even saying anything.




“Oh, sorry. What would you like?”


“A large pepperoni pizza and four bread sticks with the marinara sauce, please.”


“Okay, we’ll have that ready for you in about 15 minutes.”


“Alright, thank y-” They hung up the phone. I had never had to deal with anyone like that before. That was so weird. I grabbed a couple of beers and headed back to the living room.


“What took so long?” Jason asked.”


“The girl who answered took forever, that’s what. It was so strange. She sounded like she was scared or something.”


Jason laughed, “Who would be scared of you? I mean, you’re funny looking, but not scary.”


“Not funny,” I said seriously.”


“I’m just joking around, man. Look, it was probably her first night. She was just scared to answer the phone. Relax and have the beer. It’ll take you off edge a little.”


“You’re probably right.” We opened the beers and watched the rest of the episode of Friends. It took longer than 15 minutes for the pizza to get here. It was 6:30 when I called it in, and it was 7:09 when It came.


“Finally they’re here. I’ve been hungry all day.” Jason said. I was about to get up when Jason stopped me. “I’ll get it.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yeah, what do you think I got a raise for?” he said sarcastically. I slumped back down onto the couch and watched TV. It took Jason a little bit longer than I thought. He came back in after five minutes.


“What took so long?” I asked.


“You were right, they are weird.”


“What happened?”


“The guy who delivered it acted so weird. He almost didn’t even ask me for the money. I asked him how he was, and all he kept saying was okay. Like you said about the girl, he looked scared to talk to me, to even hand the pizza over.”


“Weird. Like you said, maybe it’s his first night too. Did he say why it took so long?”


“No, he just said okay. Whatever, I’m hungry.” We sat everything down on the coffee table and I opened the box.


“What the hell?” I said quietly. The pepperoni had spelled out ‘HELP’. Jason looked over.


“Holy shit! Why the hell is this on our pizza? Did you do this Matt? You’re just trying to play some joke on me because we haven’t hung out since the beginning of April, aren’t you?” Play a joke on him? I was pretty sure I was about as scared and freaked out as he was.


“Jason, I didn’t do this. I told you that girl was acting weird, And you even said that that delivery boy was acting weird too. I’m being honest with you, I didn’t do any of this.” I looked at him as honestly as I could.


“Well what sick freak would do this?” he asked cluelessly. I had no idea whatsoever.


“You don’t think there was some kind of robber or someone there, do you?”


“A robber, Matt? You think a robber would let someone just drive off and deliver a pizza?” Jason asked annoyed.


“I don’t know! I’m just trying to think of as to why this would be happening.” We both looked back at the bizarre pizza.


Jason broke the silence. “What if someone were holding them hostage?” That had to be a crazy thought, but what else would it be?


“Maybe. Do you think we should call the police?” Jason looked back at the pizza.


“Huh, this is crazy,” he quietly said. “Yeah.” I took my phone out and dialed 911. “Put it on speakerphone.” Right as I did, a woman answered.


“911, what is your emergency?”


“Ah, hi, yes. Tonight I ordered a pizza. The girl who answered sounded like she was scared to talk. She said the delivery would only take 15 minutes and it took about 30 minutes to get here. And the boy who delivered the pizza was acting strange as well. The only thing he would say was okay to my friend when he answered. And when I opened the box of pizza, the pepperonis spelled out ‘HELP’.” It was silent, I thought I had lost the call. “Hello?”


“Yes. Tonight we have received five other calls saying the same thing. This is not a prank, right?” She asked sternly.


“No, miss. This is not. My friend and I are just a little freaked out right now.”


“Are you two in a safe place?”


“We’re in my apartment.”


“Okay, just lock the doors and stay there. We will be looking into this as of right now.”


“Alright, thank you.”


“Have a goodnight, sir.”


“Thanks, you too.”


“Thank you.” And the phone call ended. I got up from the couch, locked the door, and sat back down.


“This is kind of scary shit, man.” No kidding.


“Yeah.” As soon as I said that, we heard the sirens go off. We both jumped.


“Jesus christ!”


“Let’s just have the pizza and try to relax, alright?”


“Yeah.” Jason said uneasy. I changed the channel to The Voice.


“Is this fine?” I asked.


“Yeah. Maybe a show we make fun of will take the ease off.” We watched it for about 10 minutes when the news came on.


“Good evening everyone.” the anchor woman said. I am Kelsi Jones, and we are here tonight with one of the hostages at Oliver’s Pizza Palace. Sarah, is it?” Kelsi asked.




“Hey, that was that girl I talked to,” I said surprised.


“How did you survive this tragic occurrence?”


“I-I don’t know. I was just hoping by spelling out ‘HELP’ on the pizzas would actually help us. And I’m so sorry Mr. and Mrs, Bracket! I tried to make everything better. I wish it were me dead instead of Logan.” I turned the TV off. As soon as I did, we heard a gunshot.


“Can I stay over her tonight?” Jason asked.


“Yeah, I don’t think I want to be over here by myself.” I said.


“Me either.”  


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