You Again?

I had been day dreaming all morning about the book I finished last night. It was about a princess, such as myself who had been stolen away from her family. Then, a mysterious boy had came and rescued her from the villainous men. I had always dreamed about being saved. But then I’ve always dreamed about being on the other spectrum of being a princess. Sometimes I would wish to wear pants and boots, and ride a horse, just like how a man would. Then, I would be running off to fight bad men. What I would give to do that. “Princess Naomi! You need to hurry up and come down here!”


“Was that Susan already?” I asked myself aloud. I had to get ready, and quick. I was still in my nightgown. I put on my dress and just brushed my hair out with my fingers. I was almost out the door when I forgot to put my shoes on. I fastly ran back to my closet and grabbed my shoes. Then, raced downstairs. I ran so fast down the staircase that I almost made Mr. Geoffrey fall over.


“Princess Naomi, my dear. What’s the rush for?”


I was almost too much out of breath that I could barely speak. “Well, you see. I was, ah. You know.” He looked at me like there was something on my face.


“Did you just get ready for the day, again?”


“Hehe, how did you know?”


“I’m smart.”


“Indeed you are, Geoffrey.”


“Here, have a danish. Your family missed you again at breakfast, again”


“Thank you, and you keep saying again like it’s a bad thing.”


“Well, it is a bad habit to get into and I’m sure your family would like for you to be there. It is good quality time, you know.”


“I know.” I looked down at the floor.


“A princess must not look down.” He tilted my head back up. “She must always lo-”


“Look as if she is looking at something or someone at all times. I know.”


“Don’t make it seem so bad, a lot of girls would love to be in your position.”


“Not if they knew what I had to do/”


“Naomi,” Geoffrey said sternly.


“I know, I’m sorry.” I smiled as big as I could, because I knew that would get him.


“Alright, go now.You’ve been gone long enough.”


“Thank you, Geoffrey.”


“And thank you, Princess,” Geoffrey said, and went right back to what he was doing. I quickly went to find my family. They were where they were usually. And I had to do what I usually did, sneak in without them noticing. Which always failed.


“Nice to see you here,” Derek said teasingly. He was my older brother.


“Derek, be quiet,” I whispered, but it was too late. Right after I said that, both of my parents were looking at me.


“It is nice to see you here,” Father said.


“Was it another late night with a book?” Mother asked.


“Oh, ah, no. Not at all. I was just helping Geoffrey this morning.” Why was I lying? They always knew when I was lying.


“Is that right?” Father said. I shook my head and grinned. “Was that so, Geoffrey?” I looked over where my Father was looking and Geoffrey was there.


“I know nothing, sir,” he said happily. Oh great.


“I have just the thing for you, Naomi,” Father said


“What do you mean?” I asked as curiosity filled me.


“It has come across to your mother, Derek, and I that you don’t spend much time with friends.”


“I spend plenty of time with friends.”


“When was the last time?” I didn’t even try to lie. I just let him talk. “We have a new friend to the family that will be staying here. I want you, and only you to show him around. He’s coming here for the fall. His parents want him here to learn something new.”


I already knew who he was. “You’re not talk about Sebastian, are you?”


“Yes, I am talking about him. And do not act like that. He is a friend to us and you will treat him that way. Am I understood?”


“Yes,” I said irritated.


“Excuse me, young lady?”


“I’m sorry. Yes, father.” He was probably as irritated as I was.


“Bring him in,” he said to the guards. “Why don’t we let this begin. Now.”


“What already?!”


“Have fun, Princess,” Derek said mockingly and they left me.
“Aw, your daddy leave you all alone?” And from that point forward, I knew my life would never be the same.      


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