My Life was Going to Begin, Finally

I woke to the sound of one of the most annoying alarms in the world go off.  I didn’t even look at where I was trying to turn the clock off. I just wanted to sleep. Hearing it made me feel like I was getting up for school. In fact, my whole felt like I was still going to school. Everyday I would slowly get out of bed at 6:00 AM. The same time I would wake up for school. I would take a nice hot shower, get dressed in a suit, and have breakfast (like I would for school). I may not have the warm pancakes and eggs, but cereal was fine with me. Fruity Pebbles were always fine with me. Then, I would leave the house at 7:30, Just like I would for school, only I’m the one driving this time, not my Mom. But I didn’t mind. I likes driving. It felt like an escape for me. Like I was invincible. The only thing I had to follow were the signs. And those were the only things keeping me from going overboard.


I was pretty much how I was when I was in school, it’s just that I have a job instead of school. I still didn’t watch the news. It felt too boring, still.


Once I got to work, it was the usual, people coming to a job they hate. Who wouldn’t hate an office job. The only good thing about the job was the money. And everyone agreed to that.


Today was someone’s birthday, and everyone knows what that means, cake. That was probably the only time anyone of us really talked to each other. But what else is America known for besides food? The cake was always good too. Today’s was marble. And to make it even better, they had vanilla bean ice cream. I loved that stuff. I think I had four pieces.


Work was long as usual. Our hours were 8 to 5, but most of the time, we were here until 7. God, I hate this place. At least the traffic wasn’t too bad, but it was still going to take me a half hour to get home. Home… What’s even waiting there for me? Nothing, that’s what. Why was I still here? I wasn’t doing anything great. I was 24 and I hadn’t done anything since I graduated college except go to work.


My Dad died when I was 5. My Dad after I graduated high school. I was an only child and there were no relatives around.


After working everyday for four years, I’ve saved up $30,000. I could afford to quit my job and… and go off somewhere. There was no one here anyways.


I stopped at the red light. I could turn here, or I go keep going straight.


There was no one here to stop me. No one here that I really cared about. OR anyone who really cared about me.


Would I ever think of doing this again? Would I just ruin my life by doing this?


I couldn’t think those thoughts anymore. I had to do this. I had to.
My life was going to begin, finally.       


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