Well Well Well

After looking for a home after three months, I finally found one. It was the perfect countryside dream home. It was built of maroon colored bricks, had all kinds of fruit trees, a woods behind the house, and sometimes you could even see some deer. The plus side for me was that it wasn’t surrounded by a bunch of people who wanted to know all about your business. I lived all my life in cities, and it was time for a change. Only being 25, I thought buying a house was nice too. Most people my age were still living in cheap apartments.


Since it was just me, I had to do all of the clean up work around the property. But I was a 25 year old man in shape. I guess that’s what going to the gym was going to pay off for.


The inside was great. Everything just the way I imagined for a house of my own. But, some parts of the outside needed some cleaning up, especially the back. That was going to be my project for today. I walked out there and delved into the piles of weeds. It took a while, but eventually I got it all cleared. Something that was strange though, was the fact that there was what looked like a sealed water well. It was so interesting to me. It made me wonder how long houses have been on this land. And that curiosity lead me to wonder about the depth of the well. Since I did live in the city my whole life, it made me wonder how people used to get their water.


The plate didn’t look like it was stabilized to the pavement, so I removed it by sliding it off. I bent down, but I couldn’t see a thing. After getting a flashlight, I shined it down. Out of nowhere, two people scurried away. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. I backed away from the well quickly. Did I really just see two people? I walked back to the well, gulped, and shined the light down again. Nothing. I must of been seeing things. Who knows, maybe they were just two animals… Big animals.


I went back inside and called the realtor who sold me the house. “Thomas?” she said.




“How are you?”


“I’m fine, just a little freaked out.”


“What is it? Did you find a mouse in the house?” she asked concerned.


“I wish it were only that.”


“What do you mean then?”


“I cleaned that back of the house today and found a well. I removed the plate and saw what looked like two people.”


“What? You can’t be serious.” she said plainly.


“No, I’m being 100% honest. When I shined the light down, they ran away.


“Huh. Do you like the house?” Why was she asking me right now if I liked the house?”


“Uh, yeah it’s great, but that’s not what I want to talk about.”


“Look, I’m sure everything will be fine. Just act like you never saw anything.”


“Act like I never saw anything? Just a moment ago you freaked out because you thought I saw a mouse. What’s going on?”


“Nothing, I just.”


“Did you know about the well?” She was quiet. “Mandy, did you know about this?” I demanded.


“I might have known something about it.”


“Maybe you should have said something about it when you were selling the house to ?”


“I just didn’t want to discourage you from it. It seemed that you liked it a lot.”


“Since I already bought the house, do you mind telling me more?” She was quiet once again. “Mandy.”


“Okay, but you have to have an open mind about this. There has been houses on the land for 200 years. Back when the first house was built there, it protected witches. They were the ones you hear about in books. The classic cauldron and making other people’s lives miserable. They had killed many people. It was said that witches have lived there since.” Witches?


“This house has been here for 200 years?”


“Yes. Since it was made of brick, it wasn’t too bad to repair on the outside, but the entire interior was redone.”


“Okay, so where does the whole well thing come into play?”


“The last owner of the house was looking for a house to buy and he really wanted that one. He went as far as going to the owners and asking if he could buy it. The owners were very kind and said no, but that wasn’t the answer he was looking for. So he came the next night and supposedly drugged them. He then dropped them down in the well. He actually cemented a metal plate over the well. You could see it and it just didn’t look good. So called some people to remove it and just put a stone plate t cover the hole and a bunch of weeds.”


“So you went to all of that trouble rather than telling me the truth?”


“It’s just that you liked the house a lot and it’s been on the market for years.”


“I see.” Realtors, they’ll do anything to sell a house. “So what happened after that?”


“Well the state had to get involved because the grass was as tall as me. They got into the house and couldn’t find anyone. I guess he just disappeared The house eventually got on the market and I was in charge of it.”


“And what do I do now?”


“Nothing! You’ve got your dream house. Why would you want to go any deeper into this than you have to?”


“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I saw two people down there.”


“Look, I’m not apart of this anymore. The rest is up to you.” I was about to say something and she hung up. I had to go back there to see if they were still there.


I shined the light back down and saw nothing. “Hello? Is anybody there?” Nothing. Maybe I could lure them out. “I ah, heard the story. About a man who put two people down here because he wanted the house. I’m not him, I just bought the house.” There was still nothing. “I don’t know if I’m even talking to anyone but if I am, let me know. I want to help.” I waited another moment and heard silence. I got up and was about to put the plate back on.


“Wait!” a woman shouted.


I bent back down, “Hello?”


“Yes, please. Can you get us out of here?” she asked. I shined the light down and saw two women.


“Yes. Are you two alright?”


“For two years, I guess we’ve been fine.” Eventually, I had gotten them out. They were two young women named Sophia and Elizabeth. They actually seemed fine for being suck down there for two years. They were clean, didn’t smell bad, and they looked like they had eaten well.


After telling them my story, they told me theirs. And to my surprise, they were actually witches. They even showed me proof by making things appear, disappear, and move. It was crazy! I never thought in my entire life that I would meet witches.
I had offered to move away, but they said since I got them out of the well that they could let me stay there. I offered to go, but insisted. So I guess this move was great after all in the end anyways, even if I had to rescue two witches out of a well.


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