No, not a Dream, a Nightmare

“Come on Sasha!” Ashley yelled.


“Yeah, if you want it to be painless, just jump in. Don’t test the temperature out,” Zayn said. Even though it was the dead beat of summer, the lake water was still going to be freezing.


“We know you want to,” Jack teased.


“We’re going to splash you if you don’t get in!”  Heather yelled.


“Okay, fine. I’m coming in,” I said. I took a few steps back and sprinted forward. As I jumped off the dock, I took the deepest breath, and my body hit the freezing water hard. I swam back up to the surface and the water didn’t feel back anymore. “I guess you guys were right,” I said laughing. I heard no response or saw anyone. I looked around and saw my friend’s bodies floating. I started feel something cold hit my nose. Snow? In the middle of August? There was snow covering the ground everywhere, and the water turned into actually freezing water. This had to be some kind of joke. “Okay, you guys are funny.” Still no movement. “You guys can stop with the games, it’s not funny.” I swam over to Ashley and pushed her. All she did was float away. “Ashley?” I swam over to Jack, and he did the same. “Guys, what’s going on?” The water was so cold, I could barely stand to be in there. I needed to get out, my friends needed to get out. I took a hold of Ashley and swam with her body to the surface. The cold winter air hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t want to go back into the water, but I had to.


“It’s no use,” Someone said. I turned around and a man was standing there.


“No, I have to go back in. They could die out there.”


“They’re already dead.” His words came out like stone, hard and heavy.


“That’s not true, I have to go back in.” Right as I was about to swim back into the ice cold lake, the man grabbed my wrist. “Let go.”


“No, you’re coming with me.”


“Why should I? I need to go back in and get my friends, before anything serious happens.”


“Everything serious has happened already. If you don’t believe me, check your friend’s heart beat.” I wrapped my arms around myself. Not only was the air freezing, but so was that thought. “Go on.” I bent down next to Ashley and put my head against her chest. I wanted so badly to hear something, anything. The strange man had wrapped a blanket around me, and pulled me up. “I’ll explain everything once we get to the cabin, but we need to hurry. I walked with the man and never turned back. I couldn’t, if I did I knew I was going to break down.


We finally came to the cabin after what felt like an eternity of walking. He sat me down and gave me a new blanket since the one I had was was wet from me and the snow. “Let me guess, you were the last to jump in.” he said.


“How did you know?” I asked. I couldn’t think it was strange he knew, it was snowing and my friends were dead.


“Every 10 years this happens. A group of five teens go to the lake to swim. And I’m sure it was very hot out that day.” He was right. “And when the last one jumps in, it goes downhill from there. The last one swims up and sees that it’s winter, their friends are floating around and I come to tell them that they’re dead. Then I take them back and tell them what I’m telling you.”


“What happens next?” I asked.


“You stay here, and we figure out what to do. I’ll help you as much as I can.”


“Why does this happen?”


“You’re in a parallel universe, and I guess there must be something i the water that makes you come here and the other four dead.”


“It doesn’t make sense.” I was so confused.


“I know, I can explain more but I don’t want to now. Right now you’re out of it from the cold. Tomorrow it’ll all come to you, trust me. For now, just let your body rest so you’ll get all of your energy back. I’ll get you some cloths and you can get some sleep. My name’s Antonio by the way. Sasha, is it?” I just shook my head, I wasn’t going to ask why he knew. He left and brought back some clothes, then showed me to my bed.
As I laid down, a pool of thoughts came. I couldn’t of anything straight, it all just blurred together. For the most part, this all felt like a dream, a dream I couldn’t escape. It wasn’t a dream though, it was reality, and reality sucked. After of not sleeping for a couple of hours, Antonio brought me some sleeping medicine, which helped a lot. I fell asleep and dreamed of the lake, everything all over, again and again and again. I would forever be trapped in this terrible dream, no not a dream, a nightmare.


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