Best Survival Tips You’ll Ever Need to Know: Part 6

“Oh, it’s you again. I see you’re coming back for more, as usual. I wouldn’t blame you though. My tips have been known to save lives. Did you see what I did there? I said save lives because they’re survival tips. Not funny? Well, I guess that’s why I’m not a comedian. Let’s get on with it.


Today I will be giving tips that include the sun. The sun is one of our main priorities, whether it be to keep us warm, give light, or heck, even a tan. To start off with, the sun will be extremely be helpful to give us heat, and without heat we would die, and that’s not a happy camper needs. We need to stay alive. So, what will be essential for this is some kind of blanket, coat, anything that will be big enough to wrap around yourself. After finding this item, take it to a surface where there is nothing around and the sun is shining directly down on top of it. You will want to make sure that the sun will be able to shine in it for at least five hours, so maybe start this process at noon. While you’re waiting you could walk around the area or go have a dip in the lake, just something fun to make the time pass. There’s actually a lot you can do when you’re trying to survive, but I’ll save that for another time. After you have been letting your item layout and soak the sun rays, you can then take it, roll it up in a ball, then, when it’s late at night and it’s freezing cold, you can roll it out, and wrap it around you. It’s as simple as that! This will act as if you were sitting next to a warm and cozy fire.


Now, for this next tip, you will need some plastic bottles, or even a jar of some sort. Something that has a lid to it so it’s compact. Next you will want to lay this out in a clear surface where the sun can stay there, but this process will be taking a lot longer than the first one. By a lot longer, I mean an all day kind of thing. This will require you to get every scoop of sunlight you can get. I would suggest setting out the bottles or jars before sunrise, this is to ensure that you’re going to get all of what you need. Then you let them sit there. Oh, and don’t be stupid and leave the lid on the bottle or jar. I’ve had many complaints as to why this tip didn’t work for them, and I guess I have to tell every specific detail… Jeez, I didn’t know people were so dumb now a days. Did I say that out loud? Anyways, you’re going to want to let them sit out until the last ray of sun is hitting the bottle or jar. The moment after the light disappears, you’re going to want to put the lid back on it right away, so nothing goes away. Then get to wherever your hideout is, and instead of building a fire, you can use these creations. When you let the bottle or jar sit out all day, the sun is collected in them, And since you’ve been collecting it all day, it will last all night. You can stay warm, cook some food, and while you’re at it, you can do a hand shadow show to keep you going sane.


My last tips for the day will be about long lasting camouflage. This will require you to be good with the sun. That meaning, if you’re paler than Snow White, you might need to lay out in the sun a few times before doing this. Once you and the sun get along, you will want to take advantage of doing a long temporary camouflage session. You will need any kind of plants you can scavenge for. For the most part, you want leaves, but if you come across a flower or two, you take those. Once getting all of those, you’ll want to lay out, once again in the clear surface where you can stay out there for a few hours. After laying down, you’ll want to sort the plants mainly on your face, arms, and hands. Then, just have a good nap or just enjoy soaking in the sun rays. Now I’m sure you’re wondering what this will do for you besides looking like a fool. The unevenness of your skin will create an illusion of wildlife. So when you’re hiding from someone you don’t want to talk to, this will be perfect for you. You’ll be able to hide basically anywhere you want to. I have found that bushes and trees work the best.


As always, I hope you all enjoyed these life saving tips. You never know when the world is going to end and you need to help.


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