I was Going Home

Music was always such a favorite of mine, all the way from Jazz to Rock and Roll. But my favorite was orchestra. The way the strings moved with each other, like a dance. Each instrument is played for their part of that dance. They sway from side to side, twirl in the air, and let’s the wind guide them. The violin and viola take the lead, while the cello and bass are taken hand in hand by them. They dance a certain dance that cannot be made without each other there, holding them up and making sure wherever it is they’re going will be safe.


Without those underlying components of the bass and cello, the violin and viola would sound good, but not magnificent. That goes the same with the other two. Each is a beautiful instrument and has it’s own perks as to why they’re great, but for some reason making them come together and play makes everything better, much better. The music the instruments makes feels as if you’re floating most of the times, at least that’s how I feel when I hear it. It can then make you feel like you’re standing right next to the great Greek God himself, Zeus. He is honoring you for your bravery and loyalty. Or it can make you feel like you’re dancing in the all time favorite ballet, Swan Lake. And this goes for every kind of music as well. And that’s the wonderful thing about music, it takes to you to endless possibilities. That’s why I’m here today, talking about this. It was life’s decision for me to go away to the gates of heaven, well at least that’s where I’m hoping to go. And it was my decision for me to listen to the wonderful sounds of the violin, viola, cello, and bass being played at one time. It was last wish, and I was lucky enough for it to have happened.


They were wonderful musicians, who played a wonderful selection of tunes. Before they left, I asked them to play one more piece. As they did graciously, I closed my eyes and imagined the thought of my husband and I dancing a slow dance. I was finally going to be with him again after twenty years. I couldn’t wait, the anticipation was taking me away, slowly. And so was the beautiful music. My life was a great life, and now it was my time to move onto something even greater. I took one last breath and smiled. I was going home.


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