We’re not Asking the Dragon for Directions

“Dude, we’re not asking the dragon for directions,” Kyle said.


“It’ll be alright, trust me,” I said.


“What do you mean it’ll be alright? It’s a freaking dragon, and we’re lost in whatever this place is.”


“Nothing bad has happened so far, it’ll all be fine.”


“Okay, whatever you say, Will.” We slowly and carefully walked up toward the blue green dragon. He looked the size of a small house, until he turned to us. Then he looked the size of a really really big house.


“Who are you?” he asked.


“Ah, my name is Will, and this is Kyle. What’s yours?”


“You can call me Grith.”


“It’s nice to meet you, Grith,” I said.


“What are you two doing here? By the looks of it, it seems you’re not from around here.”


“Yes, we’re not. We’re from a city called New York, and my friend and I were just walking through this forest. We had gotten lost, but we thought we were going the right direction, and it turns out we weren’t. We kept getting more and more lost, and then we came to a cliff. My friend was getting a better look and he slipped off. I did as much as I could to keep him and I from falling, but it didn’t work. We fell off and into a lake, but when we came back up for air, we were here.” Grith looked at us curiously.


“That’s an interesting story. And you’re not afraid? You’re not afraid of me?”


“You seem nice, so I guess we’re not.”


“Do you know how we can get back?” Kyle asked.


“No, I have no idea, but I’m sure you two can figure it out.” And he turned away.


“Please, that’s why we came to you. We have no idea where we’re at.We just know that we’re not in New York anymore, and we want to figure out how to get there, and what to do until then.” I started to beg without even realizing it.


“People are afraid of me.”


Kyle and I both looked at each other and then at him. “Why is that?” Kyle asked.


“I am a dragon. What is there not to be afraid of?”


“You have been nice to us.”


“Well I won’t if you two keep bothering me.” And he turned away once again.


“Please, Grith. We’re completely lost and we have no clue what to do. This place is different, much different than our home, and we just don’t know where to go or what to do. Will you please help us? I asked.


“We’ll do anything for you,” Kyle said. Grith was still turned away from us. I was hoping so much that he would help us. Kyle and I were being 100 percent honest, we really did have no idea where we were at and where to go. All we knew was that wherever it was, it wasn’t New York anymore.


“What will you do in return for me?” Grith asked.


“Anything you want,” I said.


He laughed, “Are you sure now? Because I could make you two do anything if that were the deal.”


“We’re desperate, please.”


“It’s funny how anyone would do anything to get what they want.”


“Look, we’ll do just about anything, but we’re not going to kill someone if that’s what you want.”


“Will, don’t give him any ideas,” Kyle whispered.


“Grith laughed again, “Trust me, if I wanted someone to be killed, I wouldn’t need you two to do that. And besides, I’m not like that. You think just because I’m a dragon, I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way?” he asked hurt.


“No, I didn’t mean that by any means. It’s just that we’re lost and have no idea where we’re at,” I said.


“You’re in the land of Jostan. Specifically, in the north eastern part.”


“I’ve never heard of it before,” Kyle said.


“Because you’re in a different world. I’ve come across a few people who’ve had the same problem as you two, but I don’t know how to get you back.”


“What do those people do after they get here?” I asked.


“They usually stay and live the rest of their lives here. They find people who are willing to take them in, and for the most part, everyone is willing to do so.”


“No one had ever found their way out of here?”


“Not that I’ve heard up, but there’s always a first.” We’re never going to find our way out of here.


“Can you point us in a good direction, or could you help us out?”


“You can’t leave before you help me with what I want,” Grith said.


“What is it?”


“I want my gold back.”




“I had lots and lots of gold once, but someone had stole it all from me.”


“Why would they do that?”


“The people who stole it from me were upset because I wouldn’t do what they wanted. They hated they town’s governor, and they wanted me to kill him. I didn’t because those days were behind me. I didn’t want the shame that came with that. So the next night they came and had a wizard put a spell on me to make me fall asleep for five years. When I woke up, I still knew they stole my gold. I’ve wanted it ever since.”


“How are we supposed to take back a bunch of gold?” Kyle asked. It wasn’t a dumb question, because if it were like the stories we heard growing up, dragons have lots and lots of gold.


“I don’t want all of it back, I’m sure they’ve spent most of it. I just want a few items, items that were near and dear to my heart.”


“They took things that were special to you too?” I asked.


“Yes, they took everything.” That was one thing I hated, was when someone bullied others and took away part of them. I could count how many times I beat up kids who bullied Kyle back in middle school and high school.


“We’ll do whatever it takes to get back what you want.”


“No, you don’t. I didn’t know what I was thinking when I said that. You two don’t need to do anything for me. I already said I would help, and that’s all.


Oh, no. You already said someone stole something from you. You can’t say those things in front of Will and not expect him to do something about it. Trust me, I grew up with him,” Kyle said.


“No, it’s too dangerous and I’m not going to let it happen.”


“If you’re going to help us, then let us return the favor, and help you,” I said.


“Would you two really do that? Help someone you’ve just met, especially a dragon.”


“Whatever it takes, and besides, you don’t even know how to get us back where we came from. So we’ll help you from helping us.”


“Deal?” Kyle asked.
Grith hesitated for a few moments, but finally caved in. “Fine, but not anytime soon. Once I figure out the slightest on how to get you two back, then we’ll start talking about that. Until then, you can stay here with me, and we can get to know each other.” Kyle and I both smiled at each other and at Grith. I wasn’t exactly sure why we were happy, considering we were still in this mysterious land, but we were. “Oh, and we might want to get you two some new clothes.”


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