Dressed in a tux in the Woods

I was on my normal Saturday hike, by myself. My father and mother hated that I went alone, but I liked it. And yes, I am 24 and I still live at home. I know what you’re thinking, it’s just that I’ve found it nice to still live at home, we kind of. I have a very good job and everything, it’s that fact that my parents hates the idea of a young woman living alone in an apartment. They’d rather have me with them, than by myself. I just have to find that special someone some day. Yeah, some day. Like that was going to happen anytime soon. And this was why I needed someone to hike with sometimes. I always ended up thinking about the same thing, but once I found that place where my breath would be taken away, all of those useless thoughts were gone. It was the perfect place to unwind, relax, and forget about all of my troubles. I was almost these when I heard someone talking. I walked up closer and saw a man in a tuxedo, which he made look very nice. I couldn’t quite hear him exactly, but something about his shirt. “Excuse me, sir. Did you need some help?” Did I really just ask this strange man if he needed help? My parents were right, I should just stay at home. My luck, he was going to kidnap me. He turned around, and he looked like a mixture of a young Brad Pitt and Mark Wahlberg. “Oh, wow.” I said quietly to myself. I was pretty sure drool was dripping down my face.


“Why, hello,” he said charmingly.




“What do you think I need to help with?” he asked.


“Um, well I overheard you saying something about your shirt.”


“So you were eavesdropping?” he asked.


“Oh, no, not at all! That’s not what I meant, it’s just that this is where I usually go on Saturday mornings, and I heard you as I was walking up here.” Shoot, he thinks I’m some kind of weirdo.


“Well, if you want to help, you can start by getting this string to stop coming out.” I walked up to him and looked at his white shirt. I could tell he was looking at me, so I glanced at him, and oh was he so very handsome. I eventually got the snagged string to stop coming out, and the whole time he was still staring at me.


“Okay, there you go.” He looked at it and approved.


“Thank you.”


“No problem. Can I ask you something?”


“I was going to ask you something, but you go ahead first.”


“Why are you in the middle of the woods wearing a tuxedo?” We both started laughing.


“I do admit this looks strange, but I just landed here and my stop it’s too far away.” His explanation was still strange, but people do their own thing.


“Oh, that seems reasonable,” I smiled. “What was your question?”


“I have something to go to this afternoon, but this evening I’m free. Would you like to go to dinner with me?”


“Dinner? With you? And me?” I was blown away from that.


“Yeah. Is there something wrong with that?” he asked.


“Oh, no! It’s just no one has ever asked me to go to dinner before.”


“Really? You’re very beautiful. I couldn’t see why no one has.” Did he just say that?


“You think I’m beautiful?”


“Yes,” he said. I think I was drooling again. “ How about you meet me at Keepers Park at 7 o’clock?”


“That sounds great. W-What should I wear?”


“I’ll be wearing this, so whatever you want.”


Okay.” I still couldn’t believe this was happening.


“See you there,” he said and left.
Oh my gosh! He said I was beautiful.   


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