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When coming into the writing world, there’s an endless amount of possibilities. Possibilities such as creating characters who you love and hate, going into a world of your own, and even taking the story to great and horrible places. That is why I like to write. The fact that I can make up different kinds of characters, take them everywhere, and make them feel all the emotions you want to.


Recently, I have been asked where I get my inspiration from. When I first started to share my short stories and essays, I was using stories I had to write for online classes I was taking. And so, everything was from scratch, then as I started to not know exactly what to write. That’s when writing prompts came to me. I went on Pinterest and searched writing prompts, and hundreds popped up. After pinning the ones I liked, I go through the ones that really stick out to me, and then that’s where the other half of that storyline comes in my head.


A couple weeks ago I posted a story called We Only Wanted Pizza, and I used this writing prompt, You and your friend order a pizza. When it arrives you see the toppings spell out ‘HELP’. You go to the pizza place to check it out and find…


When I wrote the story, I used a majority of the prompt. I wrote that two friends wanted to catch up with some pizza, they noticed a couple of strange things and when it came to the pizza, they freaked out, but they didn’t go to the pizza place. They called the police instead and found everything out on the news. If you write a story based on that prompt, you could have made the friends go to the pizza place, or it could have been just the one character get the pizza and go to the pizza place.


As you can see, with story prompts, you can take them everywhere and do anything you want.


I’ll be putting a link to my Pinterest board with the writing prompts I have used and haven’t. I post on there frequently.


Other than story prompts, I do just think of random situations and all of the things that could happen, my imagination. That’s one thing that everyone has. So if you’re having a hard time thinking of what to write and the writing prompts just aren’t kicking in, delve into your imagination and write about something you’ve dreamed of. That’s all you have to do! And if none of those work, and you’re having brain farts, you may want to give your brain a break and then jump right back into it. That’s what I have found that works well for myself.


I hope I gave a good idea as to how I come up with all of these stories. If there are anymore questions, please leave a comment down below and I will make sure to answer it as soon as I can. And if you’re new here, I post one short story or essay everyday, so look forward to seeing many more stories!


  • Chloe ❤


Link for my Pinterest Writing Prompt board


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