You can Decide his Fate

I did not expect to die so soon at age 26. I didn’t think someone shooting me in my small town was possible, but then again anything is possible nowadays. The man was from my class when I graduated from high school. He was one of the popular guys and I was one of the unpopular guys, that is of course until after college. He had became an alcoholic, divorced two times with four kids. I on the other hand hadn’t found a girlfriend and focused most of my time on my career, which lead me to being successful. I wanted to come back home after a few years of not seeing my family, and in a small town, the word gets out. So the first night I got back he invited me over to his apartment and before I even stepped inside, he shot and killed me. I guess jealousy can really take you down a dark deep path. So that brings me to where I’m going to now, the pearly gates. Yep, I guess being good my entire life really paid off. I never believed in God though, but sooner is better than later.


Surprisingly, the walk was a lot longer than I expected, but the scenery was beautiful. Like the books said it, white fluffy clouds, the feeling of freshness, wearing a white night gown, all of that classic stuff. After what felt like hours, I could see the gates, and then finally I walked up to them. Right as I was about to say something, the shimmering golden gates opened, like they were expecting someone. I walked through and had to follow yet another sign. So I continued my long walking journey and made it to a very large castle looking place. Two men who were dressed in different kinds of white night gowns took me inside and to a man. He was sitting on a throne waiting for me. “Hello, Benjamin,” he said.


“Hello.” Was this man God himself? Was I talking to God at this very moment?


“How are you feeling?”


“I’m feeling good actually.” I never felt good before, always just alright.


“You’re probably wondering as to where you’re at?”




“You died and went to Heaven. Specifically, you are in my home.” I was really hoping that this was a dream, but at the same time not.


“I’m really in Heaven?” I asked in awe.


“Indeed you are. Adam.”




“You can call me Adam.”


“Your name is Adam?” It couldn’t be.


“Well, not my real name, but I like it. And I certainly do not want good friends of mine to call me God. It just doesn’t feel right.” God was a pretty cool guy, not like how he has been talked about my whole life.


“We’re good friends?”


“I can tell we will be soon.” God just told me he thinks we’re going to be good friends in the near future. “I have something I would like to tell you, Benjamin.”


“Ben, you can call me Ben.”


“Ben, do you know why you’re here?”


“I went back to visit home and one of the guys who were popular in high school was jealous that I had become more successful than him, and he shot me.”


“You’ve got a pretty good memory. Most tend to forget on their way here. Did you know that that could have been prevented?” he asked suddenly.


“What do you mean?” I asked curiously.


“Every human on Earth has a guardian angel. Yours unfortunately was slacking off at the time, and he could have prevented you from getting killed.” I looked down at the rose gold marble flooring, and wondered. I wondered what I would be doing in 10 years from now. Maybe I would have a wife and children. Maybe I would be getting a divorce from my wife. Or maybe even I would be the richest man alive. Heck, maybe I could be dead and in Hell because I did something terrible within those 10 years. “Ben, you have the decision of the fate of your guardian angel’s life. Bring him out,” he said to another man. Doors from the far side of the room opened and out walking came a man. “We’ll leave you two alone to talk.” And everyone was gone except for the the guardian angel and I.


“Hello,” I said to him. He had his head hanging like he knew he did something bad.


“Hello,” he said low and raspy.


“What’s your name?” I asked, assuming he already knew mine.




“That’s a nice name,” I said in hopes he would look up, but he didn’t. “What’s wrong?”


“I didn’t protect you, that’s what’s wrong.” He looked directly in my eyes. “I was being selfish and put myself before you, and look what happened. I’m sorry, Ben. You can do whatever you want with me, make me do hard labor for an eternity, make me be your servant, send me to Hell! I don’t deserve to live great.” A lump formed in my throat. He didn’t have to feel like this.


“It’s okay, really.”


“It’s okay? You had a great life going for you, and I messed it all up.” A tear had fallen on his cheek. I walked up to him and lifted his head up.


“It is okay, and I mean that. Look, you slipped up one time, big deal. This place is much more better than where I was before. I don’t what it is, but I feel good. I always used to feel-”




“Yes. Maybe that was supposed to happen. Maybe that was how my life was supposed to end. I did a lot for only being 26, but you already know that.” I wiped away the cold tears. “You’ve spent 26 years looking after me, I think you deserve a break.” I poked at his side to make him laugh, which succeeded.


“Do you forgive me, Ben?”


“Yes, of course I do. What do you say we hug this out?” He smiled and we hugged.


“You still have to decide my fate,” he said.


“Hmm, let’s see. What can I do for someone who has guided me my whole life…” I said jokingly. “Oh, how about us being friends?”


“I would be honored.”   



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