I Never Wanted to let him go

He began to stare off into the distance again, as always after a long day at work. I followed by staring at him. It was one of the few times where I could look at all of his features without him noticing. He had a face that was hard and soft at the same time, it was like his personality. His light ocean colored eyes were the prettiest. Every time I looked at them, they captivated me and took me on a journey. I didn’t know where, but I knew it was someplace nice and warm, just like his arms. Those were like two giant stern pillows that would always be there when you fell, no matter the circumstance. Even if it were your fault. That was one of the best things about him, he’d always forgive and forget.


Usually, I’d say something to him to get his attention, but this time I didn’t feel like it. Looking at his face when he was blank felt relaxing in a way. All of his facial muscles were dropped and you could see how he would be at the beginning of the day, fresh face and ready to start the day all over again. I couldn’t wait for when his job would be over with. He was always sleep deprived and hardly spent good quality time with me, until the weekend, and even then he was still out of it. It was hard not to tell him these things, but I held back my tongue and tried my best to make him the happiest man ever. That was my goal after being together for a couple of years. At first it was sharing each other our love, and then it turned into us making each other the best we could be, which I liked a lot. Doing this really brought out who we were.


Still carrying on and letting him disappear into his own thoughts, searched for all of the facial features I loved about him. First his eyes, then his jaw. I know it’s cliche to say this, but his jaw was so defined that he looked almost like an animated character. He was about five inches taller than me, so when he looked down I felt safe. Mostly because I completely trusted him, but him being that much taller than me made me feel like I was indestructible.


“How come you haven’t said anything yet?” he asked. I continued to look at him while he looked at me.
“Just cherishing what I have.” I broke away from the stare and nested my head on his shoulder, continuing to hug him, but with more passion this time. As we hugged I wondered if he felt the same feelings as I did when we hugged. I never wanted to let go.    


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