I Never Wanted to let her go

After coming home from work we always hugged, which I loved to do. She said that hugs were her favorite, and I was glad. I didn’t mind kissing and what couples usually do, but there was something about a hug that really made me have such a stronger connection to her. I knew she felt it too.


As I got older, I started to stare off into the distance when no one would say anything. Old habbits never seem to break. I could tell she was looking right at me, but I didn’t say anything. I usually got lost in my own thoughts. This time I was thinking about last weekend when we went to the beach at one o’clock and stayed there until nine. We were having so much fun that the time didn’t seem like it was going by at all. When I’m with her, everything seems to freeze, and until we have to go back into the real world, it stays frozen. I don’t know how many times she fell over in the ocean. It was her first time actually going in, and boy was it funny. Each time a big wave would come, she would lose her balance so quickly and topple over. She thought I was making fun, but she just made me laugh so dang much, I couldn’t get over it. That’s the thing I loved about her, she made me laugh no matter what the situation was. She was that kind of person that wanted people to always be happy. Sometimes she made people so happy that she forgot about her own, I guess that’s where I come into play. I swore, if I weren’t with her, I don’t know what would happen to her.


When we hugged she usually always started to ask me how my days was, but today she didn’t, she just kept staring at me. As I was staring off into nothing, I had hoped nothing bad happened. I had to know why she was acting like this, like me almost. I broke free from the stare and into her beautiful dark almond eyes. “How come you haven’t said anything yet?”
“Just cherishing what I have,” she said softly. I smiled and hugged her even more and finally closing my eyes with happiness. I’ve always told her that her kisses were the best, but secretly I loved her hugs, I hopes she finds that out one day. I never wanted to let her go.


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